12 Questions You Need To Ask About Custom Equipment Cases

In the market for custom equipment cases? At Bel-Air Cases, we’ve been crafting high-quality carry cases, equipment cases, expo cases and shipping cases for more than 50 years. While we are confident about the quality of our cases, we know that not all equipment cases are built to our exacting standards, so before you order custom cases, be sure to find answers for these 12 essential questions.

1. Are Your Cases Truly “Made-To-Order?”
In some cases, your custom equipment cases might not truly be “custom.” A manufacturer might have a wide variety of stock cases and might offer to customize the interior, but this isn’t really a custom case. At Bel-Air Cases, each of our cases in made from scratch based upon your specifications. This allows the customer a far greater range of options, including the size of your cases, the color, the type of handles and hardware and more.

2. Can You Create A Custom Interior?
For custom equipment cases, it is essential that each case includes a fully custom interior. We can create made-to-order foam interiors with custom hand-cuts or die-cuts that surround and protect every inch of your fragile equipment. We never use pick-and-pluck foam, also known as “diced” foam. This is an inexpensive type of foam that a consumer can pick or tear away at in order to create cavities to hold equipment. It’s seems like an easy option, but this type of foam tends to break down very quickly, and the customer ends up paying for a bunch of foam they don’t need.

3. What Materials Are Used To Build A Case?
To build our custom equipment cases, we use high-density polyethylene, which is a durable type of thermoform plastic. Not only is high-density polyethylene durable, it is impact resistant and lightweight. It’s actually even a recyclable material, and while our cases are meant to last for decades, it’s always nice to know that the shell can be recycled and reused for something else.

4. What Materials Are Used For Case Valances?
When we design your custom equipment cases, we begin by creating the plastic lid and base shells and then hardware is added. This includes a sturdy aluminum valance. We use aluminum because of its durability and it’s lightweight. We pride ourselves on creating cases that are able to handle the rigors of transport yet still be as lightweight as possible.

5. What Type Of Case Should I Select?
When you browse through our website, you’ll see that we offer several different case types. This includes light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty carry cases, as well as shipping cases and expo cases. For custom equipment cases, we often recommend opting for heavy-duty cases, as these typically are the best option for fragile equipment.

However, if your equipment is small and will not be shipped or transported as luggage, a medium-duty or light-duty carrying case might be a good option. Before we construct a case, we talk with the customer about the type of equipment that will be placed in the case as well as the way the case will be transported in order to select the best options for your custom equipment cases.

6. Do Your Cases Meet ATA & MIL Specifications?
We have many cases that can withstand the rigors of transportation, so if you often ship your equipment, you can rest assured that your fragile items will be secure. As manufactured, our heavy-duty shipping cases do meet ATA guidelines as well as many MIL specifications. Of course, as our cases are made-to-order, we also can configure these heavy-duty shipping cases and other case styles to meet most airline, military, government and even aerospace specifications.

7. Can I Customize My Cases With Handles, Wheels & Locks?
We have a wide variety of hardware ware options, including wheels, handles, hinges, feet, latches and locks. If you want a case with wheels and a telescoping handle, it’s no problem. If you need a specific type of lock, we probably have that, as well. Moreover, if there is a case component that you need, and we don’t have it, we can probably get it for you.

8. What Case Colors Are Available?
Our standard colors are silver and black, but we also offer several stock colors, including white, yellow, orange, red, olive, green and blue. With a minimum purchase, we also may be able to provide you with custom colors and color matching. Additionally, we can design your case with a molded-in logo or add engraved plates or custom decals. Your Bel-Air Cases truly can be custom in every way.

9. Can I Order Just One Case? Is There A Minimum Order?
While some companies require a minimum purchase, we are happy to create just one case or 1,000 cases or anywhere in between. We put the same level of care and craftsmanship into every order, whether you order just one of our custom equipment cases or many.

10. How Much Do The Cases Cost?
While our custom equipment cases are made-to-order, the cost is surprisingly affordable. However, we don’t list prices on our website simply because it would be difficult to provide a narrow range of pricing for our cases given the wide variety of styles, sizes and configurations we offer. While we don’t sell any cheap $40 cases, we also aren’t selling many $900 cases either. Typically, an order of five large shipping cases might run about $400 per case, while an order of 100 lightweight sales kits with custom foam inserts might sell for around $120 each.

11. How Long Until I Receive My Custom Equipment Cases?
In general, new orders have a production lead-time of three to five weeks, depending on the order volume and the options you select for your custom equipment cases. If you select custom foam inserts, this could increase the lead-time. In some cases, if you are requesting a new size which requires a new tool, this might take up to eight weeks. Typically, though, you can estimate about a four-week lead-time.

12. What Type Of Warranty Is Provided?
We actually have no written case warranty, and we’ve never needed one. We stand by our cases throughout their lifetime. If a case component breaks, we’ll fix it. We know that the transportation industry is tough on packages and cases, so while we cannot guarantee that your case will never be damaged, we assure you that we will always repair the damages for as long as you own your custom equipment cases.

Ready to order? Have more questions? Get in touch with the team at Bel-Air Cases today. Whether you need custom equipment cases or something else entirely, we can provide you with any type of case you might need. To receive a free quote, you can give us a call or select the Request a Quote tab on our homepage.

The Custom Shipping Case: 5 Realities Of Buying Off-The-Shelf

While it might be tempting to simply purchase off-the-shelf shipping cases for your equipment and supplies, there are many reasons why it’s smarter to consider ordering a custom shipping case. Off-the-shelf cases might have a slightly lower price tag, but they also present the following problems.

1. Substandard Materials
When you purchase an off-the-shelf case, you really have no idea what type of materials were used. Order a custom shipping case from Bel-Air Cases and you ensure that your case is built using the highest quality materials possible. We build our cases using high-density polyethylene, which is one of the most durable and impact-resistant materials on earth. We also use aluminum for all of our case valances, as this also is a highly durable material that can absorb impacts and handle the typical jostling and rough handling associated with frequent transport and shipping.

While these off-the-shelf cases might have a lower price tag, if they don’t offer the same level of protection as our Bel-Air Cases, you may end up repairing or replacing equipment that becomes damaged during transport. We all know that the transportation industry is tough on luggage and cases, and our custom shipping cases offer an exceptional level of protection.

2. Substandard Interiors
Off-the-shelf cases often come with no interior foam or, if they do, it’s a cheap type of pluck and pick foam that we would never use. Each custom shipping case from Bel-Air includes a custom foam interior. In some cases, this might be a simple foam insert but for many cases, this includes a highly custom foam insert that cushions and protects each piece of your equipment precisely.

We never use pick and pluck foam, which is essentially just a large chunk of cheap foam. Consumers have to do the actual work of cutting into the foam to create cavities to hold various pieces of equipment. Not only is this hardly a custom solution, this type of foam breaks down quickly and, before you know it, you’ll need to purchase a new foam insert for your case. Additionally, after you’ve cut up the foam, you are left with a ton of excess foam. Why pay for foam that simply ends up in a trash bin? A custom foam interior ensures an ultimate level of protection and you won’t be paying for a bunch of wasted foam.

3. A Not-So-Perfect Fit
With an off-the-shelf case, you may end up paying for a larger case than you really need, simply because that’s the best fit. A custom shipping case can be designed to your exact specifications and this can result in a much lighter and smaller case that stills offer a high level of protection. Transporting a smaller, lighter case can reduce your shipping costs, which definitely saves you money in the long run.

4. Zero Extras
When you opt for off-the-shelf cases, you get what you get. With a custom shipping case, you can customize virtually every inch of your case. At Bel-Air Cases, we offer a variety of stock colors and can provide custom color matching with a specific minimum order. We can add a molded-in logo or custom decals, and we can customize the valance and the hardware. If you need wheels or handles, we have a wide variety of options, as well as pressure relief valves, locking mechanisms, sealed case options and much more. No matter what you want, the team at Bel-Air Cases is equal to the task.

5. A Short Life
Off-the-shelf cases tend to have a short life span, which means you may end up replacing your case long before what’s inside the case has worn out. Our Bel-Air Cases are meant to last a lifetime and we stand by our manufacturing. While we have no written warranty (we’ve never needed one), we stand by our cases throughout their lifetime. If a case component breaks, we’ll fix it. Additionally, we usually can repair most case defects for no charge. The transit industry is rough on packages, so while we cannot guarantee that your cases will never be damaged, we can assure that we are happy to repair the damages for as long as your own your custom shipping case.

Whether you need one custom shipping case or 100, we are ready to help, and our prices are surprisingly affordable. While you won’t find us selling any cheap $40 or $50 cases, we also don’t sell many $900 cases either. Depending on the size and type of case and the size of your order, you typically can expect to pay around $120 up to about $500 per case.

Ready to get started? Just click on the Contact Us tab on our homepage and fill out our quick contact form, give us a call or send us an email. We’ve been creating quality custom cases for more than 50 years, and we look forward to designing a custom shipping case, an expo case, a carrying case or whatever type of case you might need.

Lighting Cases: 4 Factors We Consider

Our custom cases can be used to hold a myriad of products, from sales kits to expensive and delicate equipment. For instance, we often design lighting cases for companies that must transport lighting equipment from place to place. Our cases ensure that your equipment remains undamaged, and during the case design process, we consider the following factors.

1. Everyday Usage
When it comes to lighting cases, as well as most of the cases we make, how they will be used is a huge factor in the design process. For instance, some clients need lighting cases that can withstand the rigors of frequent transport, either through the mail or via airplane or train. For these instances, we recommend our heavy-duty lighting cases, as these are built to withstand the abuse of travel.

If your equipment is never shipped or transported as luggage, then a light-duty case might be just fine, although with very delicate equipment, it usually is wise to select either medium-duty or heavy-duty case options. Our cases, and the materials we use, ensure that the case absorbs the impacts associated with transport and not your precious lighting equipment.

2. The Interior
A custom interior is a good option for just about any product, but it’s absolutely essential with lighting cases. You need a sturdy foam interior that will cushion and protect every centimeter of your equipment. At Bel-Air Cases, we not only customize the exterior of your cases, we also create custom foam interiors. We never use pick and pluck foam, as this simply doesn’t provide a high enough level of protection. Our design team will study your lighting components and equipment carefully to design the perfect custom foam interior.

3. The Details
What type of handle should your lighting cases feature? What about latches and locks? Do you need wheels? Each Bel-Air Case is made-to-order and that includes the hardware options. If our standard hardware options don’t suit your needs, you can select from a myriad of upgrades hardware. This includes a variety of wheels, handles, hinges, latches and feet. To learn more about these options, go to our homepage and click on the Case Options tab. If you don’t see precisely what you need, the chances are that if we don’t have it, we can probably get it for you.

4. Appearance
We believe that lighting cases should be attractive as well as functional, which is why we offer a wide range of color options. Our standard colors are black or silver, although we also can create cases using colors such as red, yellow, orange, green, olive, white and blue. We also can create custom colors or provide color matching, although a minimum order may be required. Additionally, we can personalize your lighting cases with graphics and logos, as well as adding engraved plates or a custom decal.

Of course, it goes without saying that our design team also factors in your budget. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality custom lighting cases available and the most affordable prices possible. Ready to order some custom lighting cases? Simply head to the homepage and click on the Contact Us tab. For more than 50 years, we’ve been creating custom thermoformed cases, and we look forward to working on your unique project.

Hard Plastic Carrying Cases: A Colorful Decision

While protection, convenience and affordability might be your top priorities when purchasing hard plastic carry cases, there’s just no reason why your case can’t be attractive as well and that includes selecting a color for your case. But which color should you choose? Colors have certain meanings associated with them, so take a look at what the following colors imply before making your decision.

Psychologists have studied colors and their effect on human beings for many years, and they have found that the color of an object is typically the first thing a person will notice, which is why it can be wise to select a color that makes a specific type of impact. For instance, silver is associated with wealth, as it is a precious metal as well as a color. Silver and gray also are associated with industry, but silver has a more refined, sleek and sophisticated connotation.

Black is sleek and elegant, yet also denotes power, formality and mystery. Black hard plastic carrying cases can be an excellent option for just about any product, and we can your company logo or name to each case for further customization.

There’s no doubt about it, red is an eye-catching color. Selecting hard plastic carrying cases in red definitely will make it easy for you to identify your cases at the airport, a special event or a trade show. Red connotes danger, power, energy and even love and courage. If you want to make a bold statement, a red plastic carrying case definitely draws attention.

Yellow, the color most associated with sunshine and warmth, denotes good cheer and enthusiasm and general positivity. Like red, yellow is associated with energy, but it also can be associated with relaxation.

As a mix of red and yellow, orange combines some of the characteristics of both colors. Like red, orange attracts attention and, but rather than signifying danger and power, orange is a bit more cheerful, conjuring up images of sunshine and happiness, as well as creativity. Orange also derives warn and cheerful connotations from its association with yellow.

Green & Olive
Our color options include both of these shades, and while the brighter green suggests growth and harmony, olive green is associated with characteristics such as reliability and stability. Both shades are associated with nature and revitalization.

Blue is considered a calming color, conjuring up images of the sky and the waves upon the oceans. Blue also is associated with knowledge, health and cleanliness, as well as trust and responsibility. The standard blue we use for our hard plastic carrying cases is a royal blue hue, which often is associated with characteristics such as security and loyalty.

White is associated with purity, sincerity and cleanliness, as well as simplicity. This can be an excellent option for our clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as white often is associated with doctors and hospitals. However, the simplicity and safety associated with white also can make this color a good option for high-tech items, as well.

At Bel-Air Cases, we design hard plastic carrying cases for clients in a myriad of industries. Our cases are completely custom, inside and out, and that includes color options. While silver and black are the standard colors, we also offer white, yellow, orange, red, olive, green and blue. With a minimum purchase, custom colors and color matching may be available, as well. If you are ready to start the case design process, give the team at Bel-Air a call at any time.

Shipping Cases: 13 Facts About Our Custom Cases

While our name, Bel-Air Cases, might conjure up an image of a posh Los Angeles enclave teeming with gracious manor homes, our cases are tough and durable, capable of standing up to the rigors of transport. In other words, our heavy-duty shipping cases are attractive enough for the glamour of Bel-Air and tough enough for the gritty underworld of shipping and transport. Read on to learn more about our amazing custom shipping cases.

1. We Use Impact-Resistant Plastic
Each shell of our custom shipping cases is crafted from high-density polyethylene, a type of plastic that is extremely lightweight and durable, not to mention extremely affordable. As your case gets jostled around during transport, the plastic shell will absorb the impact rather than impacting and potentially damaging your equipment. The design itself also improves impact resistance, and each shipping case includes molded-in bumpers for extra protection.

2. Aluminum Also Helps Keep The Weight Down
In addition to creating the body of your shipping cases out of high-density polyethylene, we create valances from aluminum, which, just like high-density polyethylene, is both lightweight and highly durable. This valance is the backbone of our shipping cases, providing a highly level of impact resistance.

3. Stainless Steel Adds Strength
For the hinges and latches, we use steel to ensure that your case stays closed securely, even during the most turbulent transport scenarios.

4. Our Cases Stack Up
We mean that, literally. The design of each shipping case features molded-in ribs so that you can stack multiple shipping cases easily, which is great for transport as well as storage.

heavy-duty shipping cases

5. We Can Take The Heat (and the Cold)
While you probably aren’t shipping your cases to Antarctica, our heavy-duty shipping cases can withstand temperatures as low as -80 degrees Fahrenheit. Our cases also can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees, so you can rest assured that your case won’t be comprised by changes in temperature.

6. Bad Weather? No Problem
While it might be tough on humans to endure a torrential downpour, your Bel-Air shipping case is moisture-resistant and water-resistant, keeping your equipment dry and safe. The shipping cases also are solvent-resistant, as well, so if you case ends up in the laboratory of an evil comic book villain, its exterior will be able to withstand exposure to most liquids.

7. We Reduce Your Shipping Costs
Shipping delicate and expensive equipment is costly, but the light weight of our shipping cases ensures that you won’t have to pay more than absolutely necessary to ship your precious items. Additionally, because our cases prevent damage, you won’t have to make costly repairs or replace damaged equipment.

8. We Meet Airline Standards
Airlines are well aware that transport is tough on luggage and shipping cases, and not all cases can handle frequent transport and shipping. The Air Transportation Association has set guidelines for case construction and cases that meet these guidelines provide the level of protection needed to keep your equipment safe during handling and flights. Our cases are built to meet these stringent specifications, as well as many Military specifications.

9. Standard Or Custom? We Offer Both
If you look on our homepage, you see that we advertise the creation of custom shipping cases. If you browse a bit further, you will see that we also offer a wide range of “standard” case sizes. You can select one of these standard sizes or have our design team create a case based upon your unique specifications. What we don’t offer are “stock” or “off-the-shelf” shipping cases. We don’t have a warehouse full of one-size-fits-all cases.
Each of our shipping cases is made to order, inside and out, so when you place an order, we will be building your case from scratch, even if you select from one of our many standard sizes.

10. The Inside Counts
The exterior of our shipping cases is designed to absorb impact and protect your equipment, and so is the interior. We offer custom foam interior design to ensure that every centimeter of your equipment is protected. We can do a basic foam liner or create custom hand-cut or die-cut foam interiors, depending on your needs.

11. There’s No Plucking Or Picking
We never use pick-or-pluck foam, which is a common foam interior option for many shipping cases. This type of foam does not provide adequate protection for your products. First of all, you have to pluck away bits of foam to create cavities for each part of your equipment. What if you pluck away a bit too much? It’s not like you can just re-attach the foam. Secondly, this type of cheaper foam tends to break down over time, further reducing its protectability factor. Of course, you also end paying up for extra foam that you pluck away and toss. It’s far better to let us design a custom foam insert for each of your shipping cases.

12. We Love Thermoforming
Thermoforming is a process by which large sheets of plastic are heated and then vacuum-forced into molds. This is how we create each of our custom shipping cases. We are the first company to create shipping and carrying cases use this method, which is why we call our products the “Original Vacuum-Formed Equipment Cases.” Thermoforming is a versatile process that allows us to quickly create heavy-duty shipping cases in virtually any configuration.

13. Durability & Beauty Are A Winning Combination
Who says a shipping case has to be dull and boring? We can create shipping cases in a variety of colors, including white, silver, black, yellow, orange, red, olive, green and blue. We also may be able to provide custom colors and color matching services. Your shipping cases also can be personalized to feature a variety of graphics or logos, and we also can add engraved plates or custom decals to your cases.

If you need any size of custom shipping cases, contact the team at Bel-Air Cases. You can contact us by phone at (866) 235-2472 or simply click on the Contact Us tab on our homepage and fill out our quick contact form and one of our friendly customer service specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

Our Carry Case With Wheels: A Must-Have Option

When it comes to carrying cases and transport cases, purchasing a custom carry case with wheels might be more important than you might think. At Bel-Air Cases, we’ve been crafting custom cases for more than 50 years, and find that many customers only ask us about wheels and accessories such as telescoping handles for our large shipping and expo cases. However, even smaller carrying cases can benefit from these handy accessories.

Our smallest light-duty carry cases only weigh about 2 or 3 pounds, which is extremely lightweight and our heaviest light-duty cases only go up to about 15 pounds. However, once you fill the case with your equipment, this, of course, adds additional weight. While the smaller light-duty cases are not meant to be transported as luggage or shipped as freight, you might be walking around quite a bit with your Bel-Air Case, heading out to sales calls and other meetings. If you have other items to carry, adding wheels and a telescoping handle can make a lot of sense, and our lightweight cases are economical enough that adding this additional hardware won’t boost the overall cost significantly.

We highly recommend adding wheels to our medium-duty and heavy-duty carrying cases, as well as our shipping cases and expo cases, as this simply makes it easier to move your case from place to place. Our medium-duty carry case with wheels ranges in weight from about three pounds up to 15 pounds, and our heavy-duty carrying cases range from about five pounds up to 40 pounds, depending on the dimensions. Naturally our shipping cases and expo cases also benefit from wheels, as these sturdy cases typically are shipped or transported as luggage, and tend to contain heavier items.

Not only can we create virtually any size carry case with wheels, there are quite a few different wheel options to consider. Our design team can help you determine which wheel options will be the best fit for your case. In addition, we offer many other handy accessories. This includes different types of hinges, latches and feet as well as an assortment of handle options. We also can design custom foam interiors for any case. Whether you need a basic foam insert or a complex design to hold many parts or products, we can build it.

Our lightweight carrying cases are divided into three categories. Our light-duty cases are ideal for lightweight and non-delicate items that will not be shipped or transported frequently. Our medium-duty carrying cases can hold more delicate items, but these cases also are not meant to be shipped frequently. Light-duty and medium-duty cases are ideal options for sales kits or items that you tote in the backseat of a car or a vehicle trunk. If you do need to ship carrying cases often or have more delicate equipment, our heavy-duty carrying cases are your best option.

If you need a carry case with wheels, the team at Bel-Air Cases can create it! For more than 50 years, we’ve been crafting carry cases, shipping cases and expo cases for clients in a wide range of industries. Each of our affordable cases is made-to-order, and you can order one case or 1,000 or something in between. Give us a call or click on the Contact Us tab on our homepage to get started on your custom case project.

Equipment Cases With Foam: 5 Crucial Facts About Foam

While the exterior of our custom cases provides a high level of impact resistance, we also design custom foam inserts for each case. Equipment cases with foam inserts provide a higher level of protection, ensuring that each of your components is as safe as possible. Here’s a quick look at foam in general, and some specifics about our foam inserts.

1. Foam Is A Thermoplastic
We create each of our cases using high-density polyethylene for the exterior, a highly durable, lightweight and impact-resistant thermoform plastic. When you order equipment cases with foam, this custom foam interior also is created from a thermoform plastic. Virtually all thermoform plastics, whether they are foam or rigid materials, are recyclable. So, while your custom Bel-Air Case is meant to last for many, many years, it’s nice to know that all of the components, inside and out, are recyclable.

2. Many Companies Provide Only Pick & Pluck Foam
There are quite a few companies out there advertising their equipment cases with foam, but many of these companies provide their clients with pick & pluck foam rather than a custom foam insert. This means that once you receive the case, you are responsible for plucking away bits of foam in order to create cavities to hold your equipment or components.

3. Pick & Pluck Foam Is Not Ideal
There are several reasons why we recommend avoiding pick & pluck foam interiors. For one thing, this isn’t a truly custom interior, and it’s highly possible that you will end up plucking away a bit too much foam and not really protecting your items adequately. This type of foam also tends to break down rather quickly, so it has a short lifespan. Additionally, you will be paying for a big chunk of foam, but you probably will use less than half of the foam you receive. Why pay for foam that you end up just tossing in the trash bin?

4. Custom Foam Is Your Best Bet
At Bel-Air Cases, we never use pick & pluck foam for our equipment cases with foam. You can either opt for a case with a foam insert or a case with a custom foam insert with cavities designed to fit every centimeter of your products or components exactly. We only use the highest quality foam materials to create our case inserts, and these materials, provide an extra layer of protection and impact resistance for whatever you need to place in your case.

5. Foam Insert Options
As stated above, some of our clients want a case with a basic foam insert, providing an extra layer of protection, but not customized for specific pieces of equipment or products. However, we can go well beyond a basic insert and can handle highly complex interiors with dividers and interior doors. To learn more, go to our Case Options page, which showcases a few pictures of our highly customized foam interiors. This page also highlights our many color options, as well as the wheels, handles, hinges, latches and feet we can affix to many of our cases.

For more than 50 years, it has been our goal to provide our customers with the highest quality custom cases at affordable prices. Whether you need equipment cases with foam inserts, heavy-duty shipping cases, expo cases or something else, we can create just what you need. Contact at us at any time via phone at (866) 235-2472 or you can click on the Contact Us page and fill out our quick contact form.

The Equipment Carrying Case: Which One Do You Need?

At Bel-Air Cases, we can create a custom equipment carrying case for virtually any project. After all, we are the makers of the original vacuum-formed equipment case and throughout the last 50 years, we have crafted cases for lighting equipment, medical equipment, camera equipment, military equipment and much more.

Before you order a custom equipment carrying case, it is important that you understand the different types of cases that we offer. Of course, each case is completely customized to hold your unique products, but the way you intend to use the case will determine the type of case that best fits your needs.

Light-Duty Carry Cases
If you need an attractive, lightweight equipment carrying case to hold non-delicate gear or sales kits, our light-duty cases are an ideal match. While these cases are protective, they are meant to hold products and equipment that won’t be shipped or transported as luggage.

These handy cases can be used to hold items such as medical supplies and equipment, diagnostic and testing equipment, home electronics, computers and computer accessories, musical instruments and other items that will be toted by hand rather than being handled by mail carriers or baggage handlers. While these cases are very lightweight, we can add optional hardware to the cases such as a rigid wheels and a telescoping handle to make it easier to transport your gear. We also can add a built-in combination lock or a key lock for extra security.

Medium-Duty Carry Cases
If you need something a bit more durable, that can handle occasional transport as luggage, our medium-duty cases might be a good option. Again, these cases are very lightweight and ideal for a wide range of non-delicate and semi-delicate items, as well as sales kits, medical kits, electronics and so forth.

Heavy-Duty Carry Cases
If you do have items that often are shipped, either through various mail carriers or as airline luggage, we highly recommend that you consider a heavy-duty case for your custom equipment carrying case. These heavy-duty cases are among the most durable and lightest in weight transport cases available for purchase. Our heavy-duty cases meet ATA 300-Category 1 specifications as well as MIL specifications. You also can add wheels and telescoping handles to make it easy for you to wheel your case around an airport or a convention center or wherever you need to take it.

Shipping Cases
As the name suggests, this type of equipment carrying case is designed specifically for products that are transported frequently as luggage or freight. These cases also are ideal for any type of delicate equipment, whether or not you intend to ship this equipment frequently. This might include computers, video equipment, commercial tooling and other highly fragile items. These cases are designed with protective corner bumpers and it is these bumpers that absorb impact rather than the case hardware or the items inside the case.

Expo Cases
If you attend a variety of trade shows and conventions throughout the year, our expo cases provide you with an easy way to transport and protect all of your convention gear. Our expo cases are designed specifically to store and transport all of your graphics materials, banners, displays and other items that might not fit into a “regular-sized” case.

Again, this type of equipment carrying case is quite lightweight, and we certainly can add wheels and many different types of handles to make it as easy as possible for your team to move equipment across a vast convention center. We also can customize the cases with a specific color and add your company name or logo to each case to ensure that everything is easy to identify.

No matter what type of equipment carrying case you might need, the team at Bel-Air Cases can create it. Our custom cases also feature custom foam inserts designed specifically for your components or products, providing an extra layer of protection. If you need one case or 100 cases (or more), contact us today and we will get started on your equipment case project.

Plastic Shipping Cases & Other Cost-Cutting Options

If you have to ship expensive equipment, then you definitely understand how expensive shipping can be and the cost of shipping continues to rise year after year. The good news is that there are several ways to reduce your shipping costs, and using our custom plastic shipping cases is one of your options.

Our custom plastic shipping cases save our customers money in several ways. Creating a custom case ensures that no excess materials are used. Our shipping cases are designed to fit around your products exactly and the durable materials that we use absorb any impact due to shipping and transport. These sturdy materials allow us to create smaller cases, and shipping smaller cases costs less than shipping a larger, bulkier case.

Additionally, the materials we use (high-density polyethylene and aluminum) are not only durable and impact-resistant, they also are extremely lightweight. Reducing weight can reduce shipping costs significantly. In general, our heavy-duty plastic shipping cases range in weight from about 9 pounds to about 22 pounds, depending on the overall length, width and height. Of course, a durable case that can withstand the rigors of transport also means that your equipment or products won’t be damaged during the shipping or handling processes and this means you won’t have to pay for costly repairs or pay replacement costs.

Many people mistakenly believe that purchasing custom plastic shipping cases is just too expensive. However, our Bel-Air cases are highly affordable often comparable with off-the-shelf cases of much lesser quality. While we don’t sell any cheap $40 cases, we also aren’t selling a bunch of $900 cases either. For instance, if you order five of our large plastic shipping cases, you can expect to pay about $400 for each case. Of course, these cases are meant to last for many years, and we stand by our cases throughout their lifetime. We know how tough the transit industry is on packages, so while we cannot guarantee that your cases will never incur damages, we can promise that we will always repair these damages as long as you own the case.

If you ship equipment often, it can be a good idea to talk to several shipping companies and negotiate your shipping rates. You also can opt to use a regional carrier rather than a national carrier. This is a good option if you tend to ship within your own region. For instance, OnTrac provides shipping services for California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. If you typically ship your products only within these states, using this regional carrier might be a cheaper option. It also can be a good idea to ship items at a slower pace, as ground shipments tend to be much less expensive than air shipments.

It also might surprise you to learn that you can ship some of your plastic shipping cases in a not-so-traditional fashion. BusFreighter, for example, is a company that ships packages and cases via Greyhound buses, and this can be a very affordable option if you are shipping cases that weigh less than 100 pounds and fit within the size requirements. Once shipped, you can have pick up your packages at a specific Greyhound terminal or, for an extra fee, have them delivered to a nearby location. This process can take a bit longer than shipping via USPS, UPS, FedEx or another typical shipping service, but if it fits within your schedule, a bus shipment might be one way to lessen the financial impact of shipping your cases.

When it comes to shipping insurance, the company that actually transports your shipping cases doesn’t always provide the best rates. Consider shopping around for third-party shipping insurance, as this can help you save a significant amount. This tip is best suited to companies that ship many items frequently, rather than companies that only ship equipment a few times per year. Keep in mind that our custom plastic shipping cases are a bit of extra insurance in and of themselves, keeping your products as secure as possible. Still, shipping cases can become lost in transport once in a while and insurance is imperative.

Our heavy-duty plastic shipping cases are ideal for any products that are transported frequently, either as luggage or as freight, as well as for heavier items, weighing above 40 pounds. These shipping cases also are perfect for any type of delicate equipment, including computers, video equipment, lighting equipment, commercial tools and so forth. While the exterior of your case is always made-to-order, we also customize the interiors of your case, adding a layer of sturdy foam. We can cover the interior of your case with a foam liner or create any type of foam insert, with specially designed cavities to protect every centimeter of your equipment. We never use pick and pluck foam, as this does not provide an adequate level of protection, and this cheap type of foam tends to break down over time.

Additionally, we also build custom expo transport cases, which are ideal for graphics materials, trade show displays, banners and other items that might not fit into regular plastic shipping cases. As the name suggests, these cases are the perfect option for companies that attend trade shows and conventions throughout the year. Your staff also will appreciate the light weight of these expo cases, and we can add wheels and handles to make it as easy as possible for your team to move the cases along the floor of a huge convention center.

Not only will our plastic shipping cases protect your precious equipment, our cases also are quite attractive. We can customize the color of each case and offer an assortment of standard colors, including white, silver, black, yellow, orange, red, olive, green and blue. If you order a pre-determined amount of cases, we also might be able to provide you with custom colors and color matching. Of course, you also can add your logo or company name to each plastic shipping case, which provides a highly professional look and makes it easier to identify which cases belong to your company. We also offer a variety of hardware options, including many types of wheels, hinges, latches and feet.

The team at Bel-Air Cases has been creating custom plastic shipping cases, carrying cases and expo cases for more than 50 years. To request a custom quote, go to our homepage, you can either call us at (866) 235-2472 or go to our Contact Us page and fill out our quick response form.

Heavy-Duty Cases: 5 Reasons To Opt For Custom Cases

If you need to ship or transport delicate or expensive equipment, heavy-duty cases are a must-have item. There are plenty of companies providing off-the-shelf cases, but if you truly want to ensure that your items are safe during transport, our Bel-Air custom heavy-duty cases are your best bet for several reasons.

1. Enjoy A Perfect Fit
Custom heavy-duty cases are designed specifically with your product in mind. Whether you are shipping camera equipment, lighting equipment, medical equipment or something else entirely, we design each case to fit your product exactly providing the ultimate level of protection for your expensive items. Our heavy-duty cases are formed from special tooling that includes molded protective corner bumpers and stacking lugs. These design features ensure that the cases will absorb any impact rather than impacting your precious equipment. During transport, your case might take a beating, but your equipment will remain protected and secure.

2. We Use Durable, Impact-Resistant Materials
The transportation industry is tough on cases, so it is imperative that your heavy-duty cases are equal to the challenge. Each of our cases is crafted from high-density polyethylene, a type of thermoform plastic well-known for its durability and impact resistance. The two halves of each case are held together using an aluminum valence, another material notable for its durability. All of our heavy-duty cases meet ATA guidelines as well as many MIL specifications.

3. Custom Foam Interiors Offer Extra Protection
Too often, case companies either sell cases with no foam inserts or perhaps they use diced or “pluck and pick” foam. This is a type of foam that you simply pull apart to create cavities to surround your equipment or products. The problem with this type of foam is twofold. One, this type of foam tends to break down fairly quickly, which reduces its ability to protect your items. Second, you end up paying for a bunch of extra foam that you “pick away” and simply toss in the trash can. Therefore, it just makes sense to have your custom heavy-duty cases also feature custom foam interiors designed to hold your specific items and we can create any type of custom foam inserts that you might need.

4. Custom Cases Save Money
An off-the-shelf case might be larger than what you need and this can increase your shipping costs. After all, a larger or heavier case costs more to ship. With customization, we can create smaller cases that still provide a high level of protection. Additionally, we use extremely lightweight materials and this also helps reduce your shipping costs. Not to mention making it easier for you to carry your equipment. Of course, we also can add wheels and different types of handles to make moving your cases as easy as possible.

5. Custom Cases Are More Attractive
There’s no reason why heavy-duty cases need to be unattractive, at least we certainly believe that a great case can be durable and attractive. We can customize the color of your cases and add your company logo or name, as well, which adds a professional touch.

If you need custom heavy-duty cases, feel free to contact our team at any time. For more than 50 years, we have been designing custom shipping and carrying cases for a wide range of industries and we can design any type of case that you might need.