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When we say our custom cases are made-to-order, we aren’t kidding around. Each Bel-Air plastic carry case we make is completely unique, designed to your specifications. Before we begin a new design project, we will discuss your options and consider which of the following options you might need.

1. Light-Duty Carrying Cases
Our attractive light-duty cases are perfect for non-delicate and lightweight items that won’t be shipped frequently. In fact, these custom plastic cases are perfect for your sales team, and we’ve seen them filled up with everything from medical equipment samples to high-end designer soaps. If you want a professional look that won’t break the bank, a light-duty case might be the perfect fit. They are lightweight, easy to tote around from place to place and quite attractive, as well.

2. Medium-Duty Carrying Cases
Our medium-duty carrying cases also are quite popular for use as sales kits, particularly if you need to tote items that are somewhat delicate. These also provide an excellent option for any type of fragile, fairly lightweight equipment that won’t be transported as airline luggage often. For instance, perhaps you need to carry diagnostic instruments or medical equipment or electronics. These custom plastic cases might be an ideal option, as they provide more protection than the light-duty case, yet are still very lightweight and easy to carry from place to place.

3. Heavy-Duty Carrying Cases
If you have heavier items or delicate items that you do need to transport often as luggage, we highly recommend that you opt for a heavy-duty carrying case. These cases are built using the same materials we use for our shipping cases, but they are formed on our tooling for carrying cases. This ensures that you have a highly durable case, yet it’s a bit easier to maneuver in tight quarters.

4. Shipping Cases
If you have delicate equipment or heavy equipment and you have to ship it often, we highly recommend that you skip the carrying case option and choose custom shipping cases instead. These cases meet ATA specifications and can handle the rigors of transport. Let them bump, toss or jostle your shipping cases. Bel-Air custom plastic cases can take it! These cases are formed from special tooling that add molded protective bumpers and stacking lugs into each case, ensuring that the case absorbs impacts and not the equipment or components inside the case.

5. Expo Cases
Heading to a trade show? Consider one of our stylish expo cases. These cases can handle the rigors of frequent transport and are perfect for lightweight items such as framed pictures, tradeshow components, sales displays and graphics materials, point-of-purchase displays and much more.

6. Handles
Every great case deserves a great handle and we’ve got plenty of options. We have handles ideal for a light-duty carry cases as well as telescoping handles that make it easy to move your custom plastic cases through a crowded airport or down a bustling city street.

7. Wheels
We also have a wide variety of wheel options. We have wheels ideal for cases that hold lighter weight items as well as heavy equipment. As with our other case components, the materials we use are meant to handle the rough and tumble of transport.

8. Latches & Locks
Whether you need a simple latch or a secure lock, we can add it to your case. Our latches and locks are built using materials that are both durable and lightweight. If you don’t see the exact type of lock or latch you need, we probably can get it for you.

9. Custom Logos & Decals
Adding a molded in logo or custom decal is a great way to make your cases stand out and add that professional touch. It also helps you identify which cases are yours in a crowded airport or at a trade show.

10. Color Options
Silver and black are the standard colors we offer for our custom plastic cases, but you also can form your cases using one of our additional stock colors, including white, yellow, orange, red, olive, green or blue. With a minimum purchase, we also may be able to provide you with custom colors or even color matching.

11. Custom Foam
The exteriors of our cases are formed using durable high-density polyethylene with sturdy aluminum valances, and these rugged materials absorb impact and keep your items safe. However, we also can craft a completely custom foam interior for your case to provide even more protection.

Whether you need a simple foam liner or something quite complex, we can create it and for around the same price you’d expect to pay for cases filled with low-quality foam slabs or diced foam. We never use the cheap “pick and pluck” type of foam because it doesn’t provide the high level of protection that our customers need and this type of foam tends to break down quickly. Our custom foam protects your items and has a much longer life expectancy that these lesser quality types of foam.

12. Additional Interior Options
We are experts at creating complex case interiors such as fabricating interior walls, adding plastic dividers, interior doors, windows, panel mounts and shock mounts. Give us your equipment specs and we will create a custom interior that protects your items and displays them to their best advantage.

We’ve been creating custom plastic cases for more than 50 years for clients from a wide range of industries. Not only will our cases protect your items, our prices are more affordable than you might think a custom case would cost. While we don’t sell any cheap $40 cases, we also aren’t selling a bunch of $1,000 cases either. As an example, if you order five of our large shipping cases, you might pay about $400 per case. Order 100 lightweight sales kits featuring custom foam and these might cost around $120 each.

Typically, the production lead-time for new orders is around three to five weeks, depending on the order volume and your case options. For instance, custom foam inserts might add to the lead-time, and if you need a new case size that requires a new tool this typically takes about eight weeks.

Whether you need just one custom case or 100 custom plastic cases, you can rest assured that each case will receive the same benefits of our “made-to-order” practices and top-notch customer service so call us today and we’ll get started on your case project.

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