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At Bel-Air Cases, we believe a carrying case should be attractive, functional and durable, and that just about every product deserves a custom-made case. Our custom carrying cases are built around your equipment providing the ultimate level of protection. Before you get started with a custom case project, take a few minutes to learn a bit about our cases and our philosophy.


  1. Not Everyone Needs A Custom Carrying Case

It might sound strange for a custom case manufacturer to admit that not everyone needs a custom carrying case, but they aren’t the best option for everyone. For instance, if you just need one carry case and the items you are toting aren’t particularly delicate or expensive and don’t need to be displayed for clients, then you probably don’t need one of our carrying cases and an off-the-shelf case might be a better fit. While we are happy to make custom cases for any client, but we’ll be honest with you if our carrying cases probably aren’t the best or most cost-effective option.


However, our made-to-order cases are the best option for many applications. If you need a durable and attractive case for a sales kit or perhaps some type of delicate equipment, our carrying cases can be ideal. We design carrying cases for sales and demo kits, medical kits, electronic items, instruments, lighting equipment or anything else you need to tote. Our sleek carrying cases are especially popular as OEM cases, as we can create dozens or hundreds of custom carrying cases and personalize each case with a molded-in logo or custom decal.


  1. We Offer Two “Levels” Of Carrying Cases

If you need a sleek, attractive case but don’t intend on using the case as luggage, our medium-duty carrying cases can be the best fit. These medium-duty cases might be fine occasionally transported as luggage, but they aren’t designed to handle the rigors of frequent transport.


Our heavy-duty carrying cases are the ideal option if you need to ship items frequently as cargo or as luggage. These heavy-duty cases also are ideal for heavier items, weighing between 30 to 40 pounds or for delicate items. If you have larger or heavier items, we recommend that you opt for one of our custom shipping cases. Keep in mind, we can add wheels and telescoping handles to our shipping cases (and our carrying cases) to make it easier for you to tote it through a busy airport, a trade show floor or anywhere else you need to take it.


  1. We Use Tough, Durable Materials

We’ve been building custom carrying cases and shipping cases for more than 50 years. In fact, we were the original producers of vacuum-formed equipment cases. We use tough high-density polyethylene to form the shells of all of our plastic cases. High-density polyethylene is lightweight, impact-resistant and moisture-resistant. The two halves of your case will be held together with a tough, but lightweight aluminum valance.


Our quality materials and high construction standards are precisely the reason why Bel-Air Cases don’t come with a written case warranty. We’ve never needed a warranty because we stand by our cases throughout their lifetime. If a component breaks, we’ll fix it. We know the transit industry is rough on packages. So, while we cannot guarantee that your cases will never be damaged, we can assure you that we will always repair the damages for as long as you own the case.


Keep in mind, again, that our medium-duty carrying cases are not meant to be transported as luggage or cargo. If you do need to frequently ship your cases, it’s best to opt for the heavy-duty carrying case or our shipping cases, which are built with ATA specifications in mind.


  1. We Create Quality Custom Foam Inserts

Too often, case manufacturers simply stick a slab of pick and pluck foam into a case and hand it off to their client. To begin with, pick and pluck foam generally is low quality and we don’t believe that customers should pay for a custom carrying case and then have to pick and cut away at the foam in order to make cavities to fit their equipment. Not only does this look unattractive, but it’s also not very protective and this type of foam tends to break down quickly.


With a Bel-Air carrying case, we will design a custom foam insert specifically for whatever you intend to place inside the case. We design custom foam cavities to fit perfectly around your items. Whether you want custom hand-cut or die-cut foam interiors or simply a foam liner for your case, we will use quality foam materials that protect your items from impact and vibrations.


  1. We Offer Many Custom Features

While a sleek black or silver carrying case can be a perfect option for many clients, if you want a bit more color, we offer several additional stock colors including white, yellow, orange, red, olive, green and blue. With a minimum purchase, we also may be able to provide you with custom colors or color matching.


We also can add a variety of graphics and logos, including a molded-in logo, engraved plates or custom decals. These options can provide you with a truly professional touch and are a perfect option if you wish to use our cases either as OEM cases or sales kits, but opting for colorful cases with custom decals or logos can make it easier for your team to identify cases at the airport or perhaps in a large convention center, etc.


Of course, we also offer a variety of hinges, handles, latches and locks and we can add telescoping handles and wheels to your carrying cases, as well. All of these hardware options are crafted from the highest quality materials which ensure a nice long life for your case. You can browse through our interior options at


Bel-Air carrying cases are available in hundreds of sizes and almost limitless configurations. Whether you need just one custom carrying case or hundreds, the team at Bel-Air is equal to the task. To get started with a carrying case project (or to order custom shipping cases or expo cases), simply head to our homepage and click on the blue Request a Custom Quote tab and fill out our quick contact form.

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