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There are plenty of companies out there selling heavy-duty shipping cases, but not all of these cases truly possess the unique features we provide at Bel-Air Cases. We’d like to take a moment to share a few of the reasons why we are an industry leader and why our custom cases stand out from the pack.

1. We Use The Most Impact-Resistant Materials Possible
As a leading manufacturer of heavy duty shipping cases, our goal is to create a case that truly can withstand the punishment of frequent transport. Of course, we also want to create cases that are as lightweight as possible. After all, when it comes to shipping, every pound counts, cost-wise.

The exterior of our cases are created using a process known as thermoforming, and we are the first company to create cases using this process! As a basic definition, this means we take large sheets of high-density polyethylene, heat them up and mold them into the shape of your custom heavy-duty shipping cases. We use high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a type of plastic, specifically because of its ability to withstand a great deal of impact. The lightweight and the low cost of this material add to its advantages.

For the case valences, we use aluminum, again because of its durability and impact-resistance, as well as for its lightweight. Aluminum also is an inexpensive material, so using HDPE and aluminum helps us keep the cost of our heavy-duty shipping cases as low as possible without sacrificing quality.

2. We Meet ATA 300 & Military Specifications
At Bel-Air Cases, we serve a wide range of clients, including military and aerospace clients. With these clients particularly, the equipment transported in our heavy duty shipping cases not only can be fragile, it’s also extremely expensive, and so we’ve designed our cases to meet stringent ATA 300 and many military transport specifications.

Fun Facts: ATA stands for the Air Transport Association, and this group includes major U.S. airlines, such as American Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest, United and several others, including Federal Express and UPS. The ATA, however, is now known as Airlines 4 America or A4A. Technically, this is a lobbying group, but in 1960, this group did create packaging and shipping guidelines known as ATA Spec 300. There are several requirements set forth in these original specifications, such as, in order for a shipping case to adhere to ATA Spec 300, that case needed to be able to withstand the rigors of at least 100 shipments, and our heavy duty shipping cases are up to the challenge.

3. A Design Built For Rough Handling
In addition to being able to handle at least 100 shipments, our cases adhere to other ATA Spec 300 guidelines. For instance, each of our heavy-duty shipping cases includes rounded edges. These rounded edges absorb the impact, rather than the items inside the case. Each case also includes molded-in bumpers for unsurpassed product protection.

Our custom foam interiors offer another layer of protection, further absorbing any impact. We know how rough the transportation industry can be on shipping cases, so we’ve designed our cases to take all the punishment, and not your precious equipment.
We also include recessed handles, which is another ATA Spec 300 requirement.

4. Extreme Conditions? No Problem
In addition to durability, the light weight and the low cost, HDPE also has a few advantages which might come into play if your heavy-duty shipping cases are exposed to extreme conditions. For instance, our heavy-duty cases can withstand extreme temperatures, from -80 degrees F up to 180 degrees. These cases also are moisture-resistant, water-proof and resistant to solvents. No matter what happens, the items inside your case will stay safe and dry, and the case exterior won’t be affected by extreme heat or cold.

5. Many Custom Options
We design our heavy-duty shipping cases with molded-in ribs and channels for stacking ability, and we also offer a myriad of custom options. In addition to customizing the handles and wheels of your case, you also can add casters, locks, latch protectors, a telescoping handle, humidity indicators and much more. We can create cases with molded-in logos and there are several color options. With a minimum order, we can even use a custom color. And, of course, we design fully custom interiors using the highest quality foam.

Our heavy-duty shipping cases can be used to transport heavy items (40 pounds or more) as well as delicate items, such as medical equipment, lighting equipment, electronics, computers and more. If you need affordable, custom heavy-duty shipping cases that truly can withstand the rigors of transportation, contact Bel-Air Cases today.

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