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If you need to protect valuable items such as electronics, diagnostic equipment, medical equipment, photography equipment or perhaps something else expensive or fragile, our custom carrying cases can be a perfect fit.

What Type Of Carry Case Should You Select?

We offer two “levels” of carrying cases, our medium-duty carry cases and our heavy-duty carrying cases. Our medium-duty cases can be created in hundreds of sizes and almost limitless custom configurations. Your cases will look, function, protect and display your products precisely the way you require.

These cases are perfect for OEM applications as well as for sales kits, diagnostic instruments and electronics. Typically, we recommend that these cases not be used as shipping cases, although they are fine as airline luggage on occasion.

If you do need a plastic carrying case that can be transported frequently as luggage or freight, then you would want to opt for our heavy-duty carrying cases. These cases are created using the same materials that we would use for our heavy-duty shipping cases, but we form them on our carrying case molds.

The result is a highly durable, yet lightweight case that fully protects your expensive and delicate items. If you need ATA cases, the heavy-duty carry cases can be built to meet ATA specs as well as many MIL specs. The heavy-duty carrying case is perfect when you have items to ship frequently, yet you want a case that is smaller and easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Why Plastic?

There are many different case materials for consumers to consider, but plastic has some distinct advantages over materials such as aluminum and wood. While aluminum is lightweight, it’s easily damaged and the level of customization is much lower. Fabricated wood cases, often used for custom road cases, can be created in just about any size, but these are quite heavy and expensive to ship.

Our plastic materials, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), are lightweight, which makes them easier to transport and less expensive to transport. Additionally, HDPE is highly water-resistant and chemical-resistant, as well as being able to handle temperature extremes.

Our equipment cases with foam also are created using vacuum-forming, which allows us to create cases in a vast array of configurations. Other plastic cases, such as injection-molded and roto-molded cases are quite durable, but the level of customization is far lower.

Our team will assess your case needs to determine if a Bel-Air Case or another type of case is the best fit for your needs. If we find that another type of case is the best fit, we will point you in the right direction to find a quality manufacturer.

Why Choose Custom Cases?


1. A Perfect Fit

Custom carrying cases can be tailored to precisely fit the items you want to protect, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Off-the-shelf cases may not provide the exact dimensions or interior configurations needed for your items, which could lead to them shifting around or getting damaged during transport.

customized foam case interior - 2 layers2. Enhanced Protection

Custom carrying cases often include features designed to provide additional protection, such as our custom foam inserts or compartments that are specifically molded to accommodate your items. These added features can minimize the risk of damage from impacts, vibrations, and other environmental factors, unlike generic cases that may lack such specialized protection.

Our custom cases include custom foam interiors. Some manufacturers will sell you a custom case with a chunk of cheap pick-and-pluck foam inside. This cheap diced foam breaks down easily and the customer is forced to create cavities for their equipment.

At Bel-Air Cases, we use the highest quality case foam, and we believe that if you are paying for a custom case, it should include a custom foam interior. We can create any type of hard case with foam that you need, adding special interior features such as panel mounts, shock mounts, windows, interior doors and more.

hard case with foam3. Personalization & Branding

Custom carrying cases can be designed to showcase your brand identity or personal style. You can choose colors, logos, and other design elements that make the case unique and easily identifiable. Off-the-shelf cases typically come in standard designs and colors, limiting the opportunity for personalization.

With Bel-Air Cases, you can customize the size and configuration, interior features and add many custom elements to your padded equipment case. We offer a wide variety of latches, locks, feet, wheels and handles. In addition to our standard colors (black and silver), we offer an array of stock colors including white, yellow, orange, red, green, olive and blue. We also can add molded-in logos or add custom engraved plates and decals to each case.

Order Custom Carrying Cases Today!

Whether you need just one carrying case or a fleet of carrying cases, the team at Bel-Air cases is here to help. Simply click on the Request A Quote tab on our homepage and provide us with some basic details about your custom case project. We also can provide you with heavy-duty shipping cases as well as heavy-duty trade show cases.

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