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If you have expensive equipment, protecting it during transport is a huge consideration. At Bel-Air Cases, we’ve been building custom equipment cases for more than 50 years and can create a case to protect just about any equipment you might need to transport.

Durable Mil-SPEC Cases
For decades, we’ve been creating durable, lightweight cases for the United States military as well as the Aerospace industry. Our cases have undergone extensive testing in order to ensure that they are equal to the task even in the most critical situations.

We offer military light-duty and medium-duty carrying cases suitable for items that won’t often be transported as luggage or freight. If you do need a carrying case that can handle frequent transport, our military heavy-duty carrying cases are a fantastic option. Our shipping cases also can be built to meet almost any military specifications.

Audio & Video Equipment Cases
Got movie cameras? Studio mixers? Projectors? Microphone kits? We’ve built cases for these items as well as just about any type of audio and video equipment you might need. Our A/V carrying cases are available in three types – light, medium and heavy-duty. Our heavy-duty A/V cases are meant for heavier items or anything that will need to be transported frequently.

We also can build heavy-duty shipping cases for your audio and video equipment. With any of our cases, we can add wheels and a telescoping handle to any case, to make it easy to move it through an airport or a busy production studio or wherever you need to move it.

Medical Equipment Cases
Whether you need to transport diagnostic equipment, medical products or accessories, our Bel-Air custom equipment cases are designed and built with ease of use and cleaning in mind. Additionally, many of our clients use our cases as sales kits for medical equipment, and we can design an attractive interior that truly showcases your equipment to its best advantage.

Whether you need a heavy-duty case to use out in the field or you want a light-duty or medium-duty case for office use or sales, we can build a custom medical case that suits your needs. We also can build shipping cases for medical equipment if you have larger items that frequently will be transported by trains, planes, truck, automobile, horse and buggy or whatever it might be.

Lighting Equipment Cases
Lighting equipment is especially fragile and definitely expensive, so doesn’t it deserve a great carrying case? For years, we’ve been manufacturing quality carrying cases for many industry leaders in studio lighting. Our custom lighting cases can meet almost any application that requires the housing and protection of sensitive lighting equipment.

Other Type Of Equipment
We can build a case to hold just about anything. Whether you need to transport a microscope, computer equipment, camera equipment or perhaps a single bottle of 1869 Chateau Lafitte or several pairs of Sennheiser HE 1 headphones, a Bel-Air custom case can be the perfect option.

Our Custom Foam Interiors
While the exteriors of our cases are built to handle the rigors of transport, the materials and layout of your case interior can be even more crucial. We firmly believe that a custom foam interior is crucial for expensive equipment. We never simply hand off a case with a hunk of diced foam and expect our customers to create their own interior cavities for their equipment.

We can design any type of custom foam interior you might need, and we usually can construct foam sets for around the same price you’d expect to pay for cases filled with foam slabs or diced foam. We are experts at fabricating interior walls, plastic dividers, interior doors, windows, panel mounts and shock mounts.

Other Custom Options
Bel-Air Cases has the largest standard library of carrying case sizes, and if our library doesn’t include the exact size you need, with our in-house tooling, we can build it. And, in addition to our custom foam interiors, we have many other options for your custom equipment cases.

For instance, our standard colors are black and silver, but we do have several optional stock colors, including white, yellow, orange, red, olive, green and blue. With a minimum purchase, we also might be able to provide you with a custom color or even color matching.

We can further personalize your equipment cases with a molded-logo or perhaps an engraved plate. We also can add custom decals if you prefer. We love the molded-in logo, as it truly adds that professional, personalized touch to any case.

Of course, with our heavier cases and shipping cases, we definitely recommend the addition of wheels and a telescoping handle to make transport as easy as possible. We have a wide variety of wheels, handles, hinges, latches, feet and locks that we can add to your custom equipment. If we don’t have precisely what you need, we can probably get it.

If you are in the market for custom equipment cases, and want options that truly can provide an ultimate level of protection, our durable and attractive custom cases are a perfect option and, all of our cases are custom made in the USA. To get started, simply click on the “Contact Us” tab at the top this page.

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