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When it comes to shipping cases, protecting your product is the most crucial factor, but if you could find a shipping case that was also lightweight, attractive and affordable, wouldn’t this seal the deal? At Bel-Air Cases we can provide you with a handsome, durable, fully custom case that won’t break the bank.

Off-the-shelf shipping cases might be fine for inexpensive items, but for items such as lighting equipment, music equipment, medical equipment or anything that’s expensive and fragile, a custom case is essential. The transportation industry is tough on cases, so yours needs to be able to handle being dropped, bumped and jostled without affecting whatever is inside. Keeping that in mind, we always prioritize the following factors when designing your cases.

1. Cases Are Built Around Your Equipment/Product
We don’t sell off-the-shelf cases, and your custom shipping cases will be built according to the specifications needed to fully protect your equipment or whatever items you need to transport.

We use high-density polyethylene to build the shells of our shipping cases. This material was selected for several reasons. It offer high impact resistance, it’s durable, it’s lightweight and it’s also quite affordable. Shipping cases also include aluminum valances, and this material also is lightweight, durable and affordable. Our stainless steel hinges and latches also are built to handle the rigors of transport.

When we begin the design process, we aren’t just thinking about the exterior of the case, but also the foam interior. You’ll need a custom foam interior large enough to fully protect every inch of your equipment, and this can affect the size of your case overall. We have many standard size options, but, if needed, we can create an entirely custom size to fit your needs.

2. Foam Load & Foam Quality Are Crucial
Foam is more complex than you probably ever thought. There are many different types of foam and they all possess unique characteristics in terms of weight, firmness and density. Many companies will simply stash a big chunk of diced foam or pick & pluck foam in your case, and then you have to pick or cut away at the foam to create cavities for your product or equipment.

This is in no way acceptable to us here at Bel-Air Cases. We firmly believe that custom foam inserts are crucial and provide the extra protection that you equipment needs. The foam can be designed to further divert impact from your product. In order to do this, we have to think about foam load.

To calculate foam load we calculate the weight of your item and divide that by the side surface area. This allows us to design a foam insert that has the strength and support your product needs.

3. Temperature Control
Of course, when it comes to protecting your equipment, it’s not just about the jostling that occurs during transport. Changes in temperature and humidity also should be factored in when you select a company to create your shipping cases.

When it comes to fluctuations in temperature, it’s crucial that your case be up to the challenge. A typical airplane cargo hold might be just 8 degrees Fahrenheit, and while you can sometimes arrange to place your shipping cases in a temperature-controlled cargo area or bin, this might not be available every time you ship via a commercial airliner.

If you are transporting your shipping cases on a large container ship, both temperature and humidity can be a factor. The interior of shipping containers can be climate controlled, but if your items will be shipped in non-climate controlled containers, it’s essential that your case can withstand the heat and the humidity often present in these containers.

Our shipping cases can withstand temperatures ranging from -80 degrees Fahrenheit up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, our cases are solvent, moisture and water-resistant. Our cases are able to meet stringent ATA 300 – Category 1 and MIL specifications, so whether you are traipsing through the Amazon rainforest, meandering across the Mojave or on an Arctic expedition, your case will remain strong and protective.

Of course, we offer many other custom features to make your shipping cases entirely unique. We have a variety of standard and optional stock colors and we can add a molded in logo, decals or engraved plates to any case. We also have a variety of handle and wheel options, to help make transport a breeze.

No matter what type of shipping cases you might need, the team at Bel-Air Cases can create an attractive and affordable design that truly protects your products from transport and the elements. To get started, just head to our homepage and click on the Request a Quote tab and fill out our quick contact form.

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