Bel-Air Cases Dealer Stuff

Hello.  As always, thank you truly for all your support and efforts.  We make a great team!

As you may have noticed, it’s been a little while since I’ve released any updated pricing programs.  The main reason for this, quite simply, is that I did not need to adjust pricing.  Our costs have remained fairly consistent for the past couple of years (knock on wood).

However, for 2014 there are many new and beneficial features to the Bel-Air Cases Dealer program.  These need to be shared, so here we go:

1 – Better Pricing!  On the 2014 Quote-a-matic programs you will now find lower pricing for the lowest volume orders.  We’ve improved set-up times and passed this savings on to you.  More importantly, I’ve adjusted margins slightly so you should find slight price reductions across the board – especially on the EXPO cases.  Actually, overall, 2014 pricing is less than 2012 pricing!

2 – Added Sizes!  Over the past few years we have built new tooling for a variety of new jobs.  All these sizes have been added to our Sizes and Specifications lists.  The largest library of tooling in the industry keeps getting larger!

3 – Stainless Steel Hardware is now standard on our Heavy-duty Shipping Cases!  Improved hardware has been added for durability and appeal, but more importantly, has been added without affecting overall case price.

4 – Better Lead-times! Hopefully you are already aware of our “5-in-5 / 10-in-10” program.  Orders of 5 cases or fewer can be built and shipped in 5 days, while orders up to 10 cases can be built in 10 days.  Certain exclusions apply, so please check upon ordering, but we’ve increased prioritization and speed of your orders to benefit you and your customers.


So without further adieu I am happy to present the 2014 Bel-Air Cases Dealer Stuff.  Please click on each link below to Download/Save to your computer.  You will need to “unzip” each folder.  Let me know if you are unfamiliar with the process.

Have fun!

2014 Dealer Stuff Letter

2014 Bel-Air Cases Sizes and Specifications Lists

Bel-Air Cases 2014 Quote-A-Matic Programs


Thank you again for all your support and opportunities.  If you have any problems or feedback, please let me know.

Erik 866-235-2472