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If you have expensive and fragile equipment, anything from film equipment to lighting to medical equipment, it’s frustrating when your high-priced equipment cases don’t measure up to the task of safely transporting your items. The Bel-Air equipment case, on the other hand, can transport your expensive items safely and without such a high price tag. Here are a few reasons why we think everyone needs a Bel-Air equipment case.

1. We Use The Best Materials
In order to protect your equipment, it’s essential that we use the best possible materials to create each case. The main exterior of each case is crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is an extremely durable and lightweight material. HDPE is also very impact resistant, which makes it an ideal material for shipping cases, which tend to be jostled and bumped around incessantly during transport. Aluminum, also durable and lightweight, is used for the case valance as well as latches and hinges.

2. Items Are Protected Inside & Out
While a great exterior is crucial, it’s just as important to ensure that the interior of each case fits your equipment precisely, providing you with the ultimate level of protection. This is why we create custom foam interiors for our equipment cases. Many companies will use diced foam, also known as pick and pluck foam. This is foam that you simply tear or cut away to create a custom interior. First of all, if we give you a block of diced foam, you will end up paying for the whole chunk and using very little of it, which is a waste of money. Additionally, this type of foam tends to fall apart, and fails to protect your product in the long run. When you see that a company offers this type of foam, take a step back, as this can indicate an indolent manufacturing philosophy that can permeate into all areas of case construction.

3. We Offer A Variety Of Options
Before you order a case from Bel-Air, we discuss your needs. Not a soul-searching discussion of your hopes and dreams (although we can, if you want to talk), but rather a detailed discussion about the equipment you need to transport. We have several different levels of equipment cases, depending on your needs, and each case we build is completely customized and built according to your specifications.

If you need to carry fragile equipment, such as smaller items that you typically never ship nor transport as luggage we have light and medium-duty carrying cases. Our heavy-duty carrying cases are ideal for equipment that frequently is shipped as either cargo or luggage. Of course, we also offer heavy-duty shipping cases and expo cases that easily meet the rigors of transport.

4. We Don’t Sacrifice Style
Ok, this isn’t exactly a protective feature, but there’s no reason why a strong, durable case can’t be attractive. We offer a variety of custom color and style options, allowing you to truly personalize your equipment. We can even add a company name or logo to each case to make it easy to identify your equipment cases when you are on the road. How many times have items become shuffled around at the airport or during the chaos of setting up for a trade show? With a custom-designed equipment case, you can find your items quickly and easily.

Of course, another benefit of our equipment cases is the cost. While you won’t find any $50 cases on our website, we also aren’t selling many cases for $1,000 and up either. Because everything on our website is completely customized, we don’t list prices. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from about $125 up to about $600 per case depending upon the size and type and number of cases you order. Again, this is just an estimate, but it is always our goal to create the highest quality equipment cases at the most affordable prices possible.

If you need any size or type of equipment case, give the team at Bel Air Cases a call today. You can also simply head to our homepage and click on the Request a Custom Quote tab and fill out our quick form. A representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your order either by phone or via email if you prefer.

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