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If you need custom hard carrying cases or custom shipping cases, the team at Bel-Air Cases can design the perfect case to house your equipment. Each carry case also can include a high-quality custom foam insert and many other custom features.


Is A Plastic Carrying Case The Right Option For You?

If you need to transport expensive or delicate equipment, our custom vacuum-formed cases can be the most versatile and protective option. Other case types, such as roto-molded and injection-molded cases have limitations that make them a less attractive option for some case projects.


For instance, injection-molded cases while durable and waterproof are only available in limited sizes and the ability to customize these cases also is limited. Roto-molded cases are highly durable, but they are quite heavy, which can be a disadvantage, especially if your equipment is also heavy.


Fabricated laminated wood cases are another common case option, and these can be highly customized, but they aren’t as durable as plastic cases, and they also are quite heavy. If you are looking for road cases that are highly durable and lighter in weight, our custom heavy-duty shipping cases can be a good option to consider.


While our hard carrying cases and shipping cases can be a great option for a wide range of items, if we feel that a different type of case is a better fit for your needs, we will let you know and point you in the direction of a great case supplier.


5 Reasons To Select Bel-Air Hard Carrying Cases

  1.  50+ Years of Experience

Bel-Air Cases was the first company to offer custom vacuum-formed plastic cases and through the years, we’ve built cases for clients from just about every imaginable industry. We can build cases for just about any type of equipment or product, and our carry cases often are used for sales kits, demo kits and OEM cases.


  1. We Use Durable, Rugged Materials

The materials we use for our custom hard carrying cases and shipping cases include shells that are vacuum-formed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). For the valances, we use aluminum and case components such as latches and locks are made from stainless steel.


HDPE was chosen for several reasons. This thermoform plastic is lightweight, which makes it easier for our customers to handle and can reduce shipping costs. HDPE also is highly durable and resistant to moisture and many chemicals. Likewise, aluminum is a lightweight, durable material that can handle the rigors of transportation and stainless steel also was chosen for its strength and durability.


  1. Protection Against The Elements

While some carry cases are toted gently from place to place without so much as encountering a drop of dew, some hard carrying cases need to be able to deal with temperature extremes, humidity extremes and inclement weather.


If you need a tough, water-resistant, weather-resistant carrying case or shipping case, a Bel-Air case is built to withstand the extreme. For instance, our heavy-duty cases often are used by the military, and they require cases that can handle a bumpy trek across a hot desert or slogging through a hot, humid jungle with ease as well as bumping about in the cargo hold of a C-17.


  1. Custom Foam Inserts

Case exteriors need to be able to absorb impacts, but we also believe that the interior foam needs to be just as protective. We design custom foam inserts for our carry cases and shipping cases built entirely around your equipment or items and we use the highest quality case foam.


Too often, custom case manufacturers provide customers with a chunk of diced foam instead of a custom foam interior. This cheap type of pick-and-pluck foam forces the customer to cut away at the material to create cavities for their equipment.


Not only is this a poor way to protect your items, but if you are paying for a custom hard plastic case with foam inside, we think that custom foam should be included in that cost. We usually can construct custom foam sets for around the same price as you’d expect to pay for cases filled with foam slabs or diced foam. At Bel-Air, we can provide you with custom foam inserts that include die cuts, interior walls, interior doors, plastic dividers, panel mounts, shock mounts and more.


Additionally, we offer many other custom features. We have many options for wheels, handles, latches and locks. We also can add custom decals, molded-in logos or add an engraved plate to your case. Our standard case colors include black and silver, but we have several optional stock colors, including white, yellow, orange, red, olive, green and blue.


  1. Great Value

We don’t provide a price sheet for our cases, simply because every case we make is 100% custom. While we don’t sell any cheap $50 cases, you won’t find many $900 cases either, and we offer an exceptional value for made-to-order thermoformed cases.


In general, you can expect to pay about $400 each for five large shipping cases, while a lightweight medium-duty carry case with custom foam might sell for about $150 each. Off-the-shelf cases can be more affordable, but they typically don’t provide the level of protection that our cases afford. A custom Bel-Air Case offers extra insurance, keeping your items safe and secure no matter what type of transportation conditions the case might endure.


Which Type Of Bel-Air Case Do You Need?

We offer two types of carry cases – our medium-duty cases and heavy-duty carry cases. Medium-duty cases are ideal for items that won’t be shipped or rarely need to be transported as luggage. These are ideal for sales kits and demo kits and items weighing less than 40 pounds.


Our heavy-duty carrying cases are among the most durable and lightest-in-weight transport cases you can buy. For these cases, we use the same heavy-duty materials as our shipping cases, but the case shells are formed on our traditional carry case molds.


If you need hard carrying cases that can be shipped again and again, heavy-duty carrying cases are the perfect option. These also are ideal for heavier items, weighing 30 to 40 pounds or for highly delicate items.


If you need shipping cases rather than a carry case, our heavy-duty shipping cases are formed from special tooling that adds molded protective corner bumpers and stacking lugs into each case. These features ensure that the toughest part of the containers absorbs impacts instead of the case hardware or your equipment case components.


Get Started With A Case Project Now!

If you need a simple carry case or several hard carrying cases or shipping cases, you can get your project started by clicking on the Request a Quote tab at the top of our homepage. Simply provide us with basic information and one of our case specialists will be in touch with you as quickly as possible to provide a free quote, get started on your order or answer any question you may have.

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