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If you need to ship or transport delicate or expensive equipment, heavy-duty cases are a must-have item. There are plenty of companies providing off-the-shelf cases, but if you truly want to ensure that your items are safe during transport, our Bel-Air custom heavy-duty cases are your best bet for several reasons.

1. Enjoy A Perfect Fit
Custom heavy-duty cases are designed specifically with your product in mind. Whether you are shipping camera equipment, lighting equipment, medical equipment or something else entirely, we design each case to fit your product exactly providing the ultimate level of protection for your expensive items. Our heavy-duty cases are formed from special tooling that includes molded protective corner bumpers and stacking lugs. These design features ensure that the cases will absorb any impact rather than impacting your precious equipment. During transport, your case might take a beating, but your equipment will remain protected and secure.

2. We Use Durable, Impact-Resistant Materials
The transportation industry is tough on cases, so it is imperative that your heavy-duty cases are equal to the challenge. Each of our cases is crafted from high-density polyethylene, a type of thermoform plastic well-known for its durability and impact resistance. The two halves of each case are held together using an aluminum valence, another material notable for its durability. All of our heavy-duty cases meet ATA guidelines as well as many MIL specifications.

3. Custom Foam Interiors Offer Extra Protection
Too often, case companies either sell cases with no foam inserts or perhaps they use diced or “pluck and pick” foam. This is a type of foam that you simply pull apart to create cavities to surround your equipment or products. The problem with this type of foam is twofold. One, this type of foam tends to break down fairly quickly, which reduces its ability to protect your items. Second, you end up paying for a bunch of extra foam that you “pick away” and simply toss in the trash can. Therefore, it just makes sense to have your custom heavy-duty cases also feature custom foam interiors designed to hold your specific items and we can create any type of custom foam inserts that you might need.

4. Custom Cases Save Money
An off-the-shelf case might be larger than what you need and this can increase your shipping costs. After all, a larger or heavier case costs more to ship. With customization, we can create smaller cases that still provide a high level of protection. Additionally, we use extremely lightweight materials and this also helps reduce your shipping costs. Not to mention making it easier for you to carry your equipment. Of course, we also can add wheels and different types of handles to make moving your cases as easy as possible.

5. Custom Cases Are More Attractive
There’s no reason why heavy-duty cases need to be unattractive, at least we certainly believe that a great case can be durable and attractive. We can customize the color of your cases and add your company logo or name, as well, which adds a professional touch.

If you need custom heavy-duty cases, feel free to contact our team at any time. For more than 50 years, we have been designing custom shipping and carrying cases for a wide range of industries and we can design any type of case that you might need.

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