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When it comes to carrying cases and transport cases, purchasing a custom carry case with wheels might be more important than you might think. At Bel-Air Cases, we’ve been crafting custom cases for more than 50 years, and find that many customers only ask us about wheels and accessories such as telescoping handles for our large shipping and expo cases. However, even smaller carrying cases can benefit from these handy accessories.

Our smallest light-duty carry cases only weigh about 2 or 3 pounds, which is extremely lightweight and our heaviest light-duty cases only go up to about 15 pounds. However, once you fill the case with your equipment, this, of course, adds additional weight. While the smaller light-duty cases are not meant to be transported as luggage or shipped as freight, you might be walking around quite a bit with your Bel-Air Case, heading out to sales calls and other meetings. If you have other items to carry, adding wheels and a telescoping handle can make a lot of sense, and our lightweight cases are economical enough that adding this additional hardware won’t boost the overall cost significantly.

We highly recommend adding wheels to our medium-duty and heavy-duty carrying cases, as well as our shipping cases and expo cases, as this simply makes it easier to move your case from place to place. Our medium-duty carry case with wheels ranges in weight from about three pounds up to 15 pounds, and our heavy-duty carrying cases range from about five pounds up to 40 pounds, depending on the dimensions. Naturally our shipping cases and expo cases also benefit from wheels, as these sturdy cases typically are shipped or transported as luggage, and tend to contain heavier items.

Not only can we create virtually any size carry case with wheels, there are quite a few different wheel options to consider. Our design team can help you determine which wheel options will be the best fit for your case. In addition, we offer many other handy accessories. This includes different types of hinges, latches and feet as well as an assortment of handle options. We also can design custom foam interiors for any case. Whether you need a basic foam insert or a complex design to hold many parts or products, we can build it.

Our lightweight carrying cases are divided into three categories. Our light-duty cases are ideal for lightweight and non-delicate items that will not be shipped or transported frequently. Our medium-duty carrying cases can hold more delicate items, but these cases also are not meant to be shipped frequently. Light-duty and medium-duty cases are ideal options for sales kits or items that you tote in the backseat of a car or a vehicle trunk. If you do need to ship carrying cases often or have more delicate equipment, our heavy-duty carrying cases are your best option.

If you need a carry case with wheels, the team at Bel-Air Cases can create it! For more than 50 years, we’ve been crafting carry cases, shipping cases and expo cases for clients in a wide range of industries. Each of our affordable cases is made-to-order, and you can order one case or 1,000 or something in between. Give us a call or click on the Contact Us tab on our homepage to get started on your custom case project.

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