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If you are in the market for plastic carrying cases, you might be pondering whether or not to take the plunge and order custom cases or simply select off-the-shelf cases. There are advantages to both, but for many products, we firmly believe that custom cases are your best option.

Advantages Of Off-The-Shelf Plastic Cases
The main advantage of an off-the-shelf case is affordability. Since you are selecting a standard case that is mass-produced, your costs naturally will be lower. These cases might be a good option for those with a smaller budget or someone who only needs a single case to hold inexpensive items.

Advantages Of Custom Plastic Carrying Cases
While an off-the-shelf case might be right for some customers, our custom plastic carrying cases have many important advantages over pre-made, off-the-shelf options, including:

1. Designed Around Your Product
Our plastic carrying cases are ideal for many items, such as delicate equipment or sales kits as well as a good option if you need OEM cases. If you want to send salespeople out with kits, our custom cases display your products to their best advantage.

Each Bel-Air plastic carrying case is designed with your product in mind. Whether you need to house medical equipment, electronics, sales materials or something else, we will design the perfect size case for your needs.

2. Custom Foam Inserts
The interior of your case is often just as important as the exterior. At Bel-Air Cases, we can provide you with a custom foam insert that protects every inch of whatever is inside. We never simply build a case then hand it over to the client with a hunk of cheap pick and pluck foam.

This type of “diced” foam is cheap and breaks down easily. Furthermore, the customer has to pick away and cut away at the foam to create cavities for each item that will be placed inside. This hardly allows you to display your items in an attractive manner, and we believe our clients deserve better than cheap foam. If you are buying a custom case, you should expect a high-quality foam interior.

Our custom inserts can be as simple as a foam liner or we can provide you with complicated designs that include multiple custom cavities, interior walls and doors, windows, panel mounts, plastic dividers and more.

3. Three Levels Of Durability
Depending on your needs, we have three different types of plastic carrying cases. Our light-duty carrying cases are ideal for items that are lightweight, non-delicate or inexpensive. These cases are not meant to be shipped or transported frequently, such as sales kits, OEM packaging, medical equipment and product samples.

Our medium-duty plastic carrying cases amp up the protection a bit and are perfect for items that might be transported frequently and even can be used as airline luggage on occasion. We often build these for sales kits or as OEM packaging, but these also are ideal for medical equipment, diagnostic instruments and electronic devices.

If you do have items that you need to transport frequently, but still want the convenience of a carrying case, our heavy-duty plastic carrying cases are the perfect option. These cases are built using the same materials we use for our heavy-duty shipping cases, and the result is a tough custom case that can handle whatever the transportation industry throws at it – literally.

4. Custom Hardware & Improved Security
Our plastic carrying cases can be fitted out with whatever type of hardware you might want. We have many different wheel options, as well as many different handles and hinges.

There also are many options for latches, and we can install features such as a key lock or combination lock to ensure security and keep your items as safe as possible. If we don’t have precisely what you need, we can probably get it. For us, it’s all about providing our customer with multiple choices so that we can design the ideal custom case for their needs.

5. Many Custom Options
Of course, there are other custom options to consider beyond latches, handles and locks. Our cases are available in our standard colors of black or silver, but we also offer many optional stock colors, including white, yellow, orange, red, green, olive and blue.

Additionally, with a minimum purchase, we may be able to provide custom colors or color matching. This might be a great option for those needing a large number or sales kits or OEM packaging. We also can add in a molded-in logo as well as custom decals and engraved plates. Our ability to customize the look of your plastic carrying cases is a huge advantage over those off-the-shelf cases.

Over the last 50+ years, we created custom plastic carrying cases and shipping cases for just about any product and industry imaginable. That includes designing cases for audio & video equipment, medical equipment, diagnostic equipment, lighting equipment and even building custom military and aerospace equipment cases.

No matter what you need to put into your plastic carrying cases, the team at Bel-Air can provide you with custom case that meets all your needs. To get started, just click on the Contact Us tab at the top of this page, and a friendly customer service expert will be in touch as quickly as possible.

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