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If you have to ship expensive equipment, then you definitely understand how expensive shipping can be and the cost of shipping continues to rise year after year. The good news is that there are several ways to reduce your shipping costs, and using our custom plastic shipping cases is one of your options.

Our custom plastic shipping cases save our customers money in several ways. Creating a custom case ensures that no excess materials are used. Our shipping cases are designed to fit around your products exactly and the durable materials that we use absorb any impact due to shipping and transport. These sturdy materials allow us to create smaller cases, and shipping smaller cases costs less than shipping a larger, bulkier case.

Additionally, the materials we use (high-density polyethylene and aluminum) are not only durable and impact-resistant, they also are extremely lightweight. Reducing weight can reduce shipping costs significantly. In general, our heavy-duty plastic shipping cases range in weight from about 9 pounds to about 22 pounds, depending on the overall length, width and height. Of course, a durable case that can withstand the rigors of transport also means that your equipment or products won’t be damaged during the shipping or handling processes and this means you won’t have to pay for costly repairs or pay replacement costs.

Many people mistakenly believe that purchasing custom plastic shipping cases is just too expensive. However, our Bel-Air cases are highly affordable often comparable with off-the-shelf cases of much lesser quality. While we don’t sell any cheap $40 cases, we also aren’t selling a bunch of $900 cases either. For instance, if you order five of our large plastic shipping cases, you can expect to pay about $400 for each case. Of course, these cases are meant to last for many years, and we stand by our cases throughout their lifetime. We know how tough the transit industry is on packages, so while we cannot guarantee that your cases will never incur damages, we can promise that we will always repair these damages as long as you own the case.

If you ship equipment often, it can be a good idea to talk to several shipping companies and negotiate your shipping rates. You also can opt to use a regional carrier rather than a national carrier. This is a good option if you tend to ship within your own region. For instance, OnTrac provides shipping services for California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. If you typically ship your products only within these states, using this regional carrier might be a cheaper option. It also can be a good idea to ship items at a slower pace, as ground shipments tend to be much less expensive than air shipments.

It also might surprise you to learn that you can ship some of your plastic shipping cases in a not-so-traditional fashion. BusFreighter, for example, is a company that ships packages and cases via Greyhound buses, and this can be a very affordable option if you are shipping cases that weigh less than 100 pounds and fit within the size requirements. Once shipped, you can have pick up your packages at a specific Greyhound terminal or, for an extra fee, have them delivered to a nearby location. This process can take a bit longer than shipping via USPS, UPS, FedEx or another typical shipping service, but if it fits within your schedule, a bus shipment might be one way to lessen the financial impact of shipping your cases.

When it comes to shipping insurance, the company that actually transports your shipping cases doesn’t always provide the best rates. Consider shopping around for third-party shipping insurance, as this can help you save a significant amount. This tip is best suited to companies that ship many items frequently, rather than companies that only ship equipment a few times per year. Keep in mind that our custom plastic shipping cases are a bit of extra insurance in and of themselves, keeping your products as secure as possible. Still, shipping cases can become lost in transport once in a while and insurance is imperative.

Our heavy-duty plastic shipping cases are ideal for any products that are transported frequently, either as luggage or as freight, as well as for heavier items, weighing above 40 pounds. These shipping cases also are perfect for any type of delicate equipment, including computers, video equipment, lighting equipment, commercial tools and so forth. While the exterior of your case is always made-to-order, we also customize the interiors of your case, adding a layer of sturdy foam. We can cover the interior of your case with a foam liner or create any type of foam insert, with specially designed cavities to protect every centimeter of your equipment. We never use pick and pluck foam, as this does not provide an adequate level of protection, and this cheap type of foam tends to break down over time.

Additionally, we also build custom expo transport cases, which are ideal for graphics materials, trade show displays, banners and other items that might not fit into regular plastic shipping cases. As the name suggests, these cases are the perfect option for companies that attend trade shows and conventions throughout the year. Your staff also will appreciate the light weight of these expo cases, and we can add wheels and handles to make it as easy as possible for your team to move the cases along the floor of a huge convention center.

Not only will our plastic shipping cases protect your precious equipment, our cases also are quite attractive. We can customize the color of each case and offer an assortment of standard colors, including white, silver, black, yellow, orange, red, olive, green and blue. If you order a pre-determined amount of cases, we also might be able to provide you with custom colors and color matching. Of course, you also can add your logo or company name to each plastic shipping case, which provides a highly professional look and makes it easier to identify which cases belong to your company. We also offer a variety of hardware options, including many types of wheels, hinges, latches and feet.

The team at Bel-Air Cases has been creating custom plastic shipping cases, carrying cases and expo cases for more than 50 years. To request a custom quote, go to our homepage, you can either call us at (866) 235-2472 or go to our Contact Us page and fill out our quick response form.

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