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Custom Shipping Cases

In a world where the safety and presentation of your valuable equipment are paramount, the Bel-Air hard plastic carrying case stands out as a paragon of customizability and protection. Tailored to meet the exact specifications of your most precious items, Bel-Air cases offer a seamless blend of robust security and sleek design.

Off-The-Shelf Cases Vs. A Custom Carrying Case

To be fair, there are some instances when an inexpensive off-the-shelf carrying case might be the best option. If you need a case immediately, for instance, off-the-shelf cases are ready to go. If you don’t need any special branding or color options, off-the-shelf might be a good option.

These cases also tend to be less expensive, so if budget constraints are a concern, off-the-shelf might be the most economical option, especially if the equipment or items inside are not particularly expensive or delicate and you don’t need features such as humidity control or custom foam inserts.

However, a custom hard plastic carrying case can be a better option for any of the following circumstances:

  1. Specialized Equipment: If you have equipment with unique dimensions or shapes, a custom hard plastic carrying case ensures that each item fits perfectly, providing optimal protection.
  2. Specific Protection Needs: For items that require special protection, such as waterproofing, dustproofing, or shock absorption, custom cases can be designed to meet these specific requirements.
  3. Professional Presentation: Custom cases can be designed for a professional appearance, especially important for businesses presenting equipment or products to clients.
  4. Maximized Space Utilization: Custom foam inserts can be designed to hold each item securely, maximizing space and ensuring that everything you need fits in one case.
  5. Enhanced Durability for Extreme Conditions: If your equipment will be used in harsh or extreme environments, custom cases can be built to endure these specific conditions, from high altitudes to underwater use.
  6. Branding & Personalization: Custom cases can be branded with logos, colors, and designs for a professional look that aligns with your company’s identity or personal style.
  7. Long-Term Investment: For expensive equipment that you plan to use for many years, a custom case can be a wise investment to ensure its protection.
  8. Integration With Equipment: Some equipment may need to be used while still in the case, requiring custom design for accessibility and functionality.
  9. Regulatory Compliance: Certain industries have specific regulations for transporting and storing equipment. Custom cases can be designed to meet these regulatory requirements, such as ATA cases or cases that need to meet certain MIL specs.
  10. Multiple Components: If you need to carry a set of equipment with various components, a custom case can be designed to hold each part securely in place, reducing the risk of damage or loss.

The Bel-Air Plastic Carrying Case

At Bel-Air we design three types of custom equipment cases – carrying cases, shipping cases and trade show cases. All of these cases are vacuum-formed using high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material was chosen for its high level of durability combined with its lightweight.

HDPE is highly impact-resistant as well as water-resistant and it is resistant to many chemicals and solvents. HDPE’s light weight makes it easier for our clients to maneuver their cases but also reduces your overall transportation costs.

When it comes to carry cases, we offer two levels of protection. Our medium-duty hard plastic carrying case is ideal for items under 40 pounds as well as sales kits, demo kits and OEM cases and can be shipped occasionally as luggage. Generally, we don’t recommend shipping these cases unless they are boxed.

If you need a case that can be shipped frequently as cargo or luggage, our heavy-duty carrying cases are the perfect option. These cases are constructed using the same materials as our heavy-duty shipping cases but they are vacuum-formed on our tooling for carrying cases. The result is a lightweight case that is easy to maneuver through tight quarters but still offers you the durability and protection of a shipping case.

If you need something a little larger than a carrying case, one of our custom shipping cases can be a great option to consider. Keep in mind, that if you do prefer a shipping case, we can add handles and wheels to most of these cases.

What Can We Customize?

The short answer is – just about everything! We build our carrying cases around your equipment which means we can offer completely custom sizes, but we also customize the interior of your case with high-quality foam inserts.

If you’ve been searching for equipment cases with foam, we offer the best custom foam inserts in the industry. We never hand off cases with cheap pick-and-pluck foam. Instead, we craft foam that cushions and protects every inch of your equipment.

The interior of your plastic case with foam can be as simple as a soft foam lining or complex with interior walls, plastic dividers, windows, interior doors, shock mounts and panel mounts.

If you want a hard case with wheels, we have an abundance of wheel options, as well as locks, latches, hinges, feet and handles, including telescoping handles. Additionally, we can customize the color of custom plastic cases. Our standard colors are silver and black, but we have several optional stock colors including white, olive, green, blue, red, orange and yellow.

If you are ordering multiple cases, choosing a distinctive color can be a great idea, and will make it easier to identify your cases at the airport or a trade show or another crowded area. We also can add engraved plates, custom decals and even molded-in logos to any carrying case, shipping case or expo case, which further personalizes your cases.

Start Your Order Now!

Whether you need just one hard plastic carrying case or a fleet of cases, the team at Bel-Air Cases is here to help. We’ve been a leader in the custom case industry for more than 50 years, crafting high-quality, American-made carrying cases, shipping cases and trade show cases. To get started on a case project, simply click on the Request a Quote tab and fill out our quick contact form.

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