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If you are sending out your sales team for yet another trade show adventure, our durable trade show cases provide you with the perfect way to tote the components of your booth and your equipment with safety and ease. But, our trade show cases are just one trade show essential to bring along with you. Here’s a quick look at some helpful gear, as well as information about our amazing expo cases.

Promotional Gear
While it’s essential to pack a ton of business cards and information materials, it also can be an excellent idea to pass out customized promo items to people who stop by your booth. While there are hundreds of promo options out there, it’s best to pass out useful items that people tend to use again and again, as this keeps your company name or logo fresh in mind.

A few suggestions include items such as flash drives, flashlight/keychain combos, pens, tote bags, re-usable water bottles, magnetic clips, keychains with bottle opener, power banks for on-the-go cell phone charging and small notepads. All of these items are handy and can be customized to feature your company name and logo.

Office Supplies
The last thing you want to be doing whilst setting up your trade show booth is realizing that you missing some crucial office supplies, such as staplers, pens, permanent markers, rubber bands, paper clips, notepads, post-it notes, rubber bands, clipboards and so on. Before you head out to your next trade show, make a huge checklist with everything you might need and ensure that these items are packed into your trade show cases.

While most convention centers are located in big cities filled with plenty of office supply stores, it’s hardly convenient to dash across the length of the convention center, grab an Uber and locate a store, shop and rush back to the convention center. Be sure to bring all of the electrical equipment you might need, as well, including extension cords, phone chargers, surge protectors and all you need to power your laptops, tablets, phones and other electronic equipment.

Tape, Tape & More Tape
While this section probably could have been placed under the Office Supplies category, an assortment of tape can transform a mild-mannered member of your sales team into a MacGyver-style renegade capable of repairing anything in your booth. Tape is an essential trade show item, so stuff some trade show cases full of duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape, packing tape and a few rolls of regular Scotch tape.

An Empty Box
This one sounds pretty weird, but bringing a portable (and empty) file box provides you with a convenient place to store any information you receive from potential new clients. Actually, this box really shouldn’t be empty. It should contain some file folders, labels and few pens so that you can organize and label all of the information you collect, including business cards, lead sheets and so forth.

Your sales team is sure to work up an appetite during a busy day on the trade show floor, but it’s not always convenient to stop what you are doing and grab a bite to eat. Be sure to bring along plenty of easy snacks, such as bags of almonds and dried fruit, granola bars and other easy-to-eat items that don’t require refrigeration and can be easily packed in trade show cases. Additionally, bring some water bottles to keep your team hydrated. If possible, have these water bottles personalized with your company name and logo so that if you pass out a bottle or two, potential clients are reminded of your business.

Our Bel-Air Trade Show Cases
To store all of these items as well as the actual components of your booth, we have the perfect solution. Our heavy-duty, custom-built trade show cases are built to protect even the most delicate items and can handle the rigors of transport with ease. Because each of our clients is unique, we do not sell off-the-shelf cases. All of our trade show cases are built specifically to hold your unique items or products. Even the foam inserts in our cases are custom-made to provide maximum protection.

While the size, shape and interior of our heavy-duty trade show cases all can be customized, we also can customize the color of your cases and add your company name or logo. This makes it much easier to identify your crates and cases when you are setting up on a busy trade show floor or scrambling at the airport to ensure that all your cases have been identified.

Browse through our website and take a look at our expo cases, shipping cases and heavy-duty carrying cases, all three of which are ideal for trade shows and frequent transport. Then contact us at any time to discuss the type of trade show cases you need, and we can get started on your order as soon as possible.

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