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Bel-Air EXPO Transit cases are best used for wider, lightweight items such as graphics materials, framed pictures, tradeshow components, or paper airplane collections.


The overlap lid design allows the lid to telescope over the base, creating variable internal heights. The lid rests on top of the base (or the contents if thicker than 5″) and the whole bundle is secured with the nylon straps and buckles. Molded in recessed wheel housings and strap protectors add to the durability and functionality of this case.


Bel-Air EXPO Transport Cases utilize:

  • 3″ ‘skate’ type wheels with metal ball-bearings and metal housing
  • Steel spring-loaded handles and nylon straps with solid plastic buckles

Why Choose Bel-Air for Your Custom Trade Show Case?


  • High-density polyethylene plastic for strength and impact resistance
  • Overlap lid design keeps contents secure at variable depths
  • Withstand temperatures from -80 degrees F to +180 degrees
  • Solvent resistant plastic will not blister or peel
  • Telescoping models range from 6 inches to 10 inches deep
  • Heavy-duty nylon-web belts with quick release fasteners
  • Recessed 3″ easy-roll wheels for easy handling
  • Heavy-duty spring loaded handles
  • High-tech eye-catching silver-gray modular look


  • Designed and constructed for long term durability and reuse
  • Overlap lid keeps case contents secure while keeping the container weight to a minimum
  • Four available sizes with variable depths store and transport displays of almost any dimension


  • Graphics and art
  • Trade Show components
  • Point-of-Purchase displays
  • Presentation visual aids
  • Sales and Marketing displays
  • Charts, maps, and posters


Plastic Transport Expo Case


  • Internally Mounted Straps
  • Molded-in logos
  • Label and card holders
  • Foam interiors of all styles and materials


Bel-Air Cases has been satisfying the needs of packaging professionals and clients for over 50 years. As the original innovator and producer of vacuum-formed plastic shipping cases and carrying cases, we continue to set the standard for case manufacturing.

Our “made to order” shipping cases and carrying cases are available in hundreds of sizes and almost limitless configurations. With Bel-Air, you don’t need to settle for “off the shelf” cases, when we can provide a case with your ideal dimensions, components, foam interior, and appearance. We can even add a telescoping handle and built-in edge wheels to almost every case we manufacture.

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