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While you might not associate the purchase of custom transport cases with a huge windfall of cash, opting to purchase our Bel-Air Cases can end up saving you money in the short term as well as in the long run. Not convinced? Read on and you’ll discover a few reasons why our transport cases provide you with a great way to save money.

1. Our Cases Are Lightweight
Shipping costs can be exorbitant, and one way to reduce your shipping costs is to reduce weight as much as possible. Our transport cases are crafted from lightweight high-density polyethylene, a highly durable type of thermoform plastic. Our hinges and hardware also are rendered from lightweight aluminum and stainless steel. Building cases using tough, durable yet lightweight materials can help you reduce shipping costs.

Additionally, our cases are completely customized and are built around your product specifications. This also can help reduce shipping costs, as we can reduce the overall size of your transport cases yet still provide the ultimate amount of protection needed to endure the rigors of shipping and transport.

2. Our Cases Are Durable & Protective
If your transport cases aren’t rugged enough, it doesn’t just affect the case, it affects what’s packed inside the cases and this can force you to replace expensive equipment. Bel-Air Cases are tough and durable and capable of protecting even the most delicate pieces of equipment. We design transport cases for all types of delicate items, including lighting components, electronics, medical equipment, music equipment and more.

Not only are the exteriors of our transport cases tough, we also design custom foam interiors to cushion and surround each piece of your equipment. We never use pick and pluck foam, as this doesn’t truly protect your products and tends to fall apart fairly quickly. A quality custom foam interior is more protective and lasts far longer.

3. Our Cases Last A Lifetime
We don’t actually provide a written warranty for our cases, and that’s because we don’t need to. Our cases are built to last, and we stand by our products. If a case component breaks, we will fix it. We usually can repair most defects, as well, for no charge, although you may incur shipping fees. Shipping and transport is tough on cases, so we can’t guarantee that your transport cases will never be damaged, but we can assure you that we will repair the damages for as long as you own your transport cases.

If you need transport cases for any type of gear, our heavy-duty carrying cases, shipping cases and expo cases are ideal options. We can create these cases in virtually any size or shape and can customize many case features. For instance, we can add wheels to many of our cases, and imprint your logo or company name. We offer several color options, and we often can create a custom color if needed.

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