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While off-the-shelf cases might be fine for some items, custom carry cases and custom shipping cases are essential tools of the trade in many industries. At Bel-Air Cases, we’ve been designing high-quality cases for more than 50 years for clients from a wide range of industries. Here’s a quick look at just a few industries that would benefit from our custom carrying cases.

1. Audio & Video Equipment
If you are a musician or a filmmaker, keeping your gear safe and protected is crucial. Our custom carrying cases and shipping cases can protect your precious equipment. We recommend using our medium-duty or heavy-duty carrying cases and heavy-duty shipping cases. These durable cases can handle the rigors of transport and shipping with ease. While these heavy-duty cases provide maximum protection, yet they are still lightweight and easy to maneuver.

2. Medical Equipment
Our medium-duty and heavy-duty custom carrying cases are ideal for many different types of medical products. This includes medical supplies as well as any type of equipment. We will design custom foam interiors to protect every component of your equipment. We never use diced foam as this does not provide adequate protection. Your products and equipment are simply too valuable to trust diced foam. We recommend opting for heavy-duty carrying cases or heavy-duty shipping cases if you often ship or transport your medical equipment.

3. Lighting Equipment
Our made-to-order cases can meet virtually any application that requires the protection of your sensitive light equipment. We will construct custom interiors that feature a combination of dividers and foam cavities to ensure that your product is well protected but also easy to package.

4. Military & Aerospace Equipment
We can build custom carrying cases that meet just about any military specifications. The U.S. Military, as well as leaders in the military fulfillment and aerospace industries, have trusted Bel-Air cases for decades to hold a wide range of equipment.

5. Trade Show Components
Our custom carrying cases also include expo transport cases, which provide an ultimate level of protection for your trade show equipment and displays. These custom carrying cases are designed specifically to transport wider and thinner items, and can withstand the rigors of airplane travel and shipping. Add your custom logo to each expo case to ensure that all of your cases are easy for your staff to identify.

6. Sales & Marketing Displays
Our custom expo cases also are a great choice for items such as point-of-purchase displays and any other type of sales or marketing display. If you have a sales pitch and need an expo case that can protect and carry all of your marketing materials, presentation visual aids, charts, maps and any other type of graphics or artwork, our custom expo cases are a perfect choice.

These are just a few types of equipment and items that our Bel-Air custom carrying cases can protect and transport. Just about every carrying case we make can be customized with a telescoping handle and wheels, making transport a breeze, no matter what your case contains. Our heavy-duty carrying cases, shipping cases and expo cases are ideal for any product frequently transported from place to place, handling the rigors of airplane travel and shipping with ease.

If you need any type of custom carrying cases, head to our homepage and click the “Request A Custom Quote” tab. A representative will contact you shortly, take down some information and provide you with a free quote for your unique project.

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