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At Bel-Air Cases, we’ve spent the last 50+ years creating custom plastic cases for clients from just about any industry. No matter what you need to protect, our design and production teams can build a case around it. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from Bel-Air.

Custom Vs. Off-The-Shelf
While an off-the-shelf case might work for some items, custom plastic cases often are the best option for many of our clients. If you need to display items in a sales kit or demo kit, for instance, custom cases with custom foam interiors can truly display your samples or products to their best advantage.

If you have diagnostic equipment or any type of delicate equipment, a custom case typically is your best option because we can build the case around your product and ensure that every inch of it is perfectly protected. Our plastic cases can include a custom foam interior and this is crucial because the foam is designed around your product and helps absorb impact rather than passing on those vibrations to your delicate items.

What Can You Put In A Bel-Air Case?
We can build custom plastic cases for just about any product. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the items for which we have built cases:
• Electronic Equipment
• Laptops & Computer Components
• Lighting Equipment
• Diagnostic Equipment
• Military Equipment
• Aerospace Equipment
• Audio & Video Equipment
• Medical Equipment
• Sales & Demo Kits
• Trade Show Displays & Materials

Why Plastic?
You might not think that something as lightweight as plastic could be highly durable and protective, but plastic has many advantages over other materials. We use high-density polyethylene for our cases, a type of thermoform plastic known for its impact resistance.

Additionally, polyethylene is moisture-resistant and solvent-resistant, further protecting your products from water and other liquids that might come into contact with your case. Our cases also can withstand changes in temperature, so whether the case has to sit in a hot car in the Mojave Desert or on a slab of tundra in Antarctica, the materials we use can handle these extremes.

The light weight is another advantage that makes it easier for our customers to tote their cases, and the lightweight also reduces shipping costs. Keep in mind, we can add telescoping handles and wheels to most cases, but it’s still easier to wheel around lightweight plastic cases than cases made from heavier materials.

Lastly, the materials we use are highly affordable. Polyethylene is extremely cost-effective, and our valances are crafted from aluminum, which also is inexpensive, not to mention lightweight and durable.

Which Plastic Cases Should You Choose?
When we begin to plan out a case design, we start by looking at what will be going inside the case and how it will be transported. We have several different levels of plastic carrying cases, as well as heavy-duty shipping cases.

Light-Duty Cases
For sales kits, demo kits, OEM cases and lightweight items that won’t be transported frequently as luggage, our light-duty carrying cases are a great option. These might be placed in an overhead bin of an airplane or perhaps placed in the trunk of a car or backseat, but aren’t meant to be shipped or transported as luggage. If you have items that weigh less than 20 pounds, these cases are a great option.

Medium-Duty Cases
These also can be designed to hold sales kits, OEM and demo kits, as well as medical equipment, diagnostic equipment and electronic devices. These cases are a bit more durable and often recommended for items that might be transported occasionally as luggage. While light-duty cases are recommended for products 20 pounds or lighter, the medium-duty plastic cases can handle up to about 40 pounds in weight.

Heavy-Duty Cases
If you have heavier items or items that will be shipped frequently as luggage or cargo, our heavy-duty carrying cases are your best bet. These are constructed from the same materials and components as our heavy-duty shipping cases, but we form them on the tooling for carrying cases, which makes it easy to maneuver these cases in tight quarters. If you need the convenience of a carrying case combined with the strength of a shipping case, this is a perfect choice.

Heavy-Duty Shipping Cases
These plastic cases were built to withstand the rigors of transport and designed with ATA specifications and Military specifications in mind. You can ship these cases again and again with worry as they are built to handle the jostling, bumping and general abuse that the transportation industry might heap upon them.

A Quick Word About Foam
While the exterior of our plastic cases is built to absorb impact and vibrations, we can further protect your products with our custom foam interiors. Some companies simply stick a slab of diced foam in the case and hand it off to their customers, but we highly recommend that you avoid these types of case manufacturers.

Diced foam, also known and pick and pluck foam, is a low-quality type of foam that tends to break down quickly. Of course, with this type of foam, the customer has to cut or pluck away at the foam to create cavities for their items or equipment. Then you end up with a bunch of leftover foam and cavities that don’t quite fit around your items.

If you are paying for custom plastic cases, don’t you also deserve custom foam interiors? We certainly think so, and we also believe that you will find our foam interiors to be more affordable thank you might think. We can create a basic foam liner for your cases or highly customize interiors with multiple cavities, panels, shock mounts, windows and more.

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Our rugged, yet attractive plastic cases are the perfect option for just about any product. In addition to quality craftsmanship, we also pride ourselves on customer service. Give us a call or fill out our Contact Us form and a representative quickly will be in touch to discuss your case needs and provide you with a quick quote for our services.

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