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Hard plastic shipping cases can be your best defense against the rigors of transport, but not all cases truly are built to withstand the rigors of transport. In order to select the best possible case options, avoid these common shipping case mistakes.

1. Don’t Opt For Off-The-Shelf

When it comes to general luggage for clothing and personal items, off-the-shelf is perfectly adequate, but when you have to transport delicate or expensive equipment, a custom hard plastic shipping case can be your best friend.

Buy why does custom matter so much? At Bel-Air Cases, we build our cases around your equipment specifications. For instance, when it comes to transporting electronics and computer equipment, we know that jostling and even vibrations can ruin your equipment. Therefore, we design each case so that the case and its foam interior are what absorb impact, and not the items in your plastic shipping cases.

2. Don’t Level Down From Shipping Cases

At Bel-Air Cases, we build shipping cases and carrying cases. Our carrying cases are tough and durable, but our light-duty and medium-duty carrying cases truly aren’t made for frequent transport. They are great when you need to transport something in a car or perhaps in the overhead bin of an airplane, but they aren’t meant for frequent shipping.
While it might be a few dollars cheaper to select a carrying case, if you are going to ship something as freight, it’s in your best interest to spend a little bit more and opt for our heavy duty plastic shipping cases. These cases are constructed from thicker plastic and we use more durable valances and hinges to ensure that they can be tossed, jostled, dropped and generally thrown through the ringer and still protect whatever is inside the case.

3. Never Settle For Cheap Foam

While the outside of your plastic shipping cases obviously needs to be durable, the interior also should match the quality of the exterior. We never simply hand over a case with a chunk of pick and pluck or diced foam. We can provide any level of custom foam interior you might need, from a basic foam liner to inserts with custom cavities, plastic dividers, interior doors, panel mounts and more.

A custom foam interior is crucial, as it cushions and protects every inch of your equipment and absorbs impact. When you are transporting equipment that costs thousands of dollars, opting for custom foam interiors just makes good financial sense.

4. Cases Should Meet ATA Specifications

The airline industry has set certain standards for cases and luggage, and cases that meet these standards are the type you want to select for your equipment. The ATA, or Air Transport Association (now called Airlines for America) does not actually put its stamp of approval on cases, stating whether or not they are ATA approved.

However, at Bel-Air Cases, we build our cases to meet or exceed most ATA specifications. For instance, ATA specifications state that cases should be able to handle temperature extremes of between -40°F up to 130°F. Our hard plastic shipping cases are built to handle temperature extremes between -80°F up to 180°F.

Additionally, ATA specifications should be able to handle drops and other types of impact as well as providing a high level of shock absorption and water resistance. Our heavy-duty plastic shipping cases are solvent, moisture and water-resistant. In fact our cases are able to meet both stringent ATA 300 specifications as well as MIL specifications. You can ship our cases again and again knowing your equipment is well protected and safe.

5. Don’t Pay Too Much

While a cheap $40 shipping case probably won’t offer you the level of protection you need, you also don’t have to spend $1,000 per case in order to ensure that your items are well protected.

At Bel-Air Cases, you’ll find that our prices are quite reasonable, especially given the level of customization we provide. For instance, if you purchase five large plastic shipping cases, you can expect to pay about $400 per case, depending on the features you select.

In addition to customizing the size of your plastic shipping cases, your interior foam and exterior features, such as handles and hinges, we also offer many design customizations. For instance, while silver and black are our standard colors, we also have several additional stock colors and, with a minimum purchase, we may be able to provide color matching. We also can add a molded-in logo, custom decal or engraved plate to your cases, it’s all about choice.

If you need any size of hard plastic shipping cases, contact the team at Bel-Air Cases today. We’ve been creating durable vacuum-formed plastic shipping cases and equipment cases for more than 50 years, and can create whatever you might need, whether it’s just one case or 100 cases.

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