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If you have expensive or fragile items that need to be shipped often as cargo, custom shipping cases are essential. At Bel-Air Cases, we can design just about any size of shipping case you might need for virtually any product. Here’s a quick look at the types of shipping cases we commonly design and produce.


Shipping Cases For Equipment

Throughout the last 50 or so years, we have designed and built shipping cases for a myriad of equipment types from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Aerospace Equipment
  • Military Equipment
  • Music, Film & Television (Lighting equipment, AV equipment, photography equipment, etc.)
  • Medical Equipment
  • Sales Kits & OEM Cases


ATA Shipping Cases

As manufactured, our heavy-duty shipping cases meet stringent ATA guidelines and many MIL specifications, so if you need ATA cases, we can help. Any shipping case can be designed and built to meet almost any airline, military, government or aerospace specifications. So, whether you need shipping cases for your next trip to Mars or shipping cases durable enough for transport as military cargo, just call us and let us know what you need.


Shipping Cases For Trade Shows

While our traditional shipping cases can be a great option if you need to tote items such as computer equipment, audio-video equipment or lighting equipment to a trade show, we also offer unique custom expo cases that are designed with your trade show materials in mind. These trade show cases can handle transport with ease but are able to hold oddly shaped or sized items, such as banners, graphics, art and other types of trade show displays.


Need Shipping Cases With Wheels?

While our cases are much more lightweight than many other types of cases, what goes inside is often fairly heavy, and shipping cases with wheels make it easy to move your case through a crowded airport or trade show floor or wherever you need to go. We also offer an assortment of handles, including telescoping handles.


Whether your main concerns are appearance, function or cost, we can find hardware options that suit your needs. In addition to customizing your shipping cases with wheels and handles, you also can customize the hinges, latches and feet. If you want to add locks or padlocks, that also is an option we can provide.


Additionally, we offer many other custom options. For instance, we offer silver and black as our standard case colors, but we can form your shipping cases using our optional stock colors which include white, yellow, orange, red, olive, green and blue. With a minimum purchase, we may be able to provide color matching or custom colors. We also can add a molded-in logo, engraved plates or custom decals to your shipping cases and expo cases.


Shipping Cases With Foam

While the exteriors of our shipping cases are built to handle the jostling, bumping and banging associated with transportation, the interior of our cases can be just as important. We design fully custom foam inserts for all of our shipping cases. Whether you just need a basic foam liner or a custom die-cut insert with multiple cavities, interior doors, panel mounts or other features, we can make it as simple or as complex as you need.


We never simply hand off an empty case with a chunk of diced foam, which, unfortunately, is a common practice in the case industry. This type of foam, also known and “pick and pluck foam” is not only low in quality, but it also forces the case owner to snip away or pluck away foam to create cavities for their equipment. The result tends to be a mess and there tends to be a bunch of foam left over that you just throw away.


How We Build Our Shipping Cases

Our shipping cases are vacuum-formed using high-density polyethylene. We chose this material for a variety of reasons. The transportation industry is tough on cases and luggage, and this material can handle the rigors associated with transport on planes, ships, trains or in the back of a truck bouncing along a dirt road in the middle of a remote jungle.


While polyethylene is highly impact-resistant, we also design our heavy-duty shipping cases with molded corner bumpers, which help protect the delicate and fragile items in the case. Additionally, the polyethylene that we use is moisture-resistant, which protects your equipment from humidity or even a torrential downpour. Our cases can handle temperature extremes, which is why they are a popular option with our military and aerospace clients.


The materials we use, including the polyethylene for our cases and the heavy-duty aluminum valances and steel hinges, are tough and durable, but also lightweight. This makes the cases more maneuverable but also can reduce shipping costs as weight is usually a factor when determining the price of transport.


Custom Vs. Stock Cases

All of our shipping cases are “made-to-order,” which means we don’t have any cases completely built, in-stock and ready to ship. That said, we have more than 50 standard shipping case configurations in our design library. Keep in mind, if you don’t find what you need within that case library, we can create a new size just for you, although that will increase production time by several weeks.


Additionally, if we think your equipment or items would be better suited to an off-the-shelf case or another type of case entirely, we will be upfront and honest about it. In some cases, our vacuum-formed cases aren’t the best fit for your needs and budget, although, with vacuum forming, we can provide you with a level of durability and customization that few other case types provide.


At Bel-Air Cases, we’ve been designing custom shipping cases for more than 50 years, and we can design any type of shipping case or expo case that you might need. To get started with a shipping case project, click on the Contact Us tab on our homepage, fill out our quick contact form and a representative will be in touch shortly. You also can call us at (866) 235-2472 or send an email at

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