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If you’ve been searching the internet for a custom “plastic carrying case with handle,” the team at Bel-Air Cases can design whatever you might need. We’ve been designing and producing plastic carrying cases and shipping cases for more than 50 years for clients in a wide range of industries. Here are four quick facts about Bel-Air Cases and what we provide for our clients.


  1. We Have Two Plastic Carrying Case “Levels”

At Bel-Air Cases, we offer a medium-duty plastic carrying case and a heavy-duty plastic carrying case. The medium-duty cases are designed to be used as sales kits, demo kits and OEM cases and for items that weigh up to 40 pounds. While these cases can be transported occasionally as luggage, they aren’t meant for frequent transport. Most of our medium-duty cases tend to be used for short-distance travel, typically in a vehicle trunk or backseat.


If you do need the convenience of a plastic carrying case, but also intend to ship that case frequently as cargo or luggage, our heavy-duty carrying cases are the perfect option. This is also a great option for heavier items that weigh 30 to 40 pounds.


These cases are built using the same materials we use for our shipping cases, but they are formed using our carrying case molds, which results in an easy-to-transport case that offers maximum protection. In fact, our heavy-duty plastic carrying case with a handle can meet MIL and ATA specifications. Over the years, we’ve had many military and aerospace clients that use our heavy-duty carrying cases and shipping cases, and these cases definitely can hold up to the rigors of military and aerospace transport.


  1. We Use Tough Materials

When you think about the term, “plastic carrying case,” you might not correlate the idea of plastic with words like durable and tough, but the polyethylene we use for our heavy-duty carrying cases and shipping cases is one of the most durable case materials available.


Plastic materials are tough and impact-resistant, as well as moisture-resistant. Our cases can handle temperature extremes and changing weather conditions. Whether you need to take a Bel-Air Case to a research station in Antarctica or into the Brazilian rainforest, your Bel-Air case can handle the temperature changes or even a torrential downpour. Our plastic materials are chemical-resistant and UV-resistant, as well.


Of course, many people worry that in order for cases to be tough, they will end up with an excessively heavy carrying case, but polyethylene is extremely lightweight and the aluminum we use for the case valances is also lightweight, yet highly durable. While our heavy-duty cases can handle the rigors of transport with ease, your plastic case with handle also will be easy to tote.


  1. We Have Many Handle Options

Every Bel-Air Case is made-to-order, we don’t have any off-the-shelf cases, and this provides customers with the freedom to create completely custom plastic carrying cases with handles. Obviously, every case needs a sturdy handle, and we have a wide variety, including everything from telescoping handles to strap and briefcase type handles. Handles can be recessed, as well, which complies with ATA specifications.


Of course, it’s not just about customizing a plastic carrying case with a handle, we also have a variety of other custom features, including wheels, hinges, latches and locks. While our carrying cases can be carried easily, adding wheels and a telescoping handle can be a great option if your case contains heavier items. We also can add a variety of locking mechanisms, including key locks and combination locks.


In addition to creating a custom plastic carrying case with handle, wheels, locks and latches, we also can add in a molded-in logo, a custom decal or engraved plates. Our standard colors include silver and black, but we also have several optional stock colors. With a specific minimum order, we may be able to provide you with color matching or a custom color.


  1. We Provide Custom Foam Interiors

While the exterior of your case is important and protective, the interior can be just as important. We design our custom foam interiors with your products or equipment in mind, and each custom cavity or die-cut will surround and cushion your equipment precisely.


Too often, custom case makers will hand off a great-looking plastic carrying case with a handle, but once you open it, you find a chunk of diced foam inside. This low-quality type of foam, also known and pick and pluck foam, is a problem for several reasons. Not only does it force the client to cut away at the foam to create custom cavities for their client, but it also tends to break down quickly and you’ll have to replace the foam again and again. Of course, once you finish plucking away at the foam, you will have a bunch of foam let over that you end up throwing away.


We think our clients deserve better. If you’re paying for a custom carrying case or custom shipping case, a custom foam interior should be part of the project. We can design any type of custom foam interior you might need from a simple foam liner to foam interiors with plastic dividers, interior doors, windows, panel mounts, shock mounts and more.


Selecting A Case

At Bel-Air, our focus is on designing and building vacuum-formed plastic carrying cases and shipping cases, but those aren’t the only case option to consider. Our cases are ideal for many types of products including lighting equipment, audio-visual equipment, medical equipment, etc. Our heavy-duty carrying cases and shipping cases often are used to protect and store military or aerospace equipment, but they can be built around just about any item.


Our cases are ideal for any client that needs a high level of durability and/or a high level of customization. The process of vacuum forming is versatile and allows us nearly complete freedom in terms of case size and configuration. Additionally, our cases are much more lightweight than fabricated wood cases or roto-molded cases, which can greatly reduce your shipping costs. Our design team will help you determine if our vacuum-formed cases are the most appropriate options for your requirements. If not, we will help you find another source.


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Whether you need just one custom plastic carrying case with a handle or you need a whole fleet of them, we can help. To get started with a custom case project, just click on the Contact Us tab on our homepage and fill out our quick contact form. You also can contact us by phone at (866) 235-2472 or email at

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