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It’s been many decades since the first Bel-Air carry case rolled off the production line. During the years, the world has seen a lot of changes, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing customers with the highest quality cases available. Take a look at our history and some facts about what we can provide our customers.


  1. We Were The First In Our Class

Back in the 1960s, the plastics industry was really starting to boom. Plastics had been around in one form or another for many years, but mass production of plastic items really took off during this era and we were on the cutting edge of the industry.


Our cases are built using a thermoforming process known as vacuum forming, and we were the first company to create equipment and carry cases using this method. To create cases, we take large sheets of plastic, heat them up, move them over a mold and use vacuum force to shape the plastic onto the mold. It’s a tad more complicated than that, but basically that is the process.


  1. Vacuum-Forming Is Highly Versatile

There are many reasons why chose to vacuum-form a carry case, but one of the biggest reasons is versatility. You can create almost any design imaginable with plastics, as they are so easy to mold. We can create custom carry cases and shipping cases in just about any size a customer might need. No other process lends itself so well to customization, and that means the customer truly gets what they want from their carry case.


  1. We Use Highly Durable Materials

Many different types of plastics can be used for vacuum-forming, but at Bel-Air Cases, we chose high-density polyethylene as our top material. Also known as HDPE, we chose this plastic because it is one of the most durable types of plastic. It’s strong, lightweight and highly-impact resistant, which is crucial for our heavy-duty shipping cases, which must withstand the rigors of transport.


  1. We Also Use Aluminum

When you order a carry case from Bel-Air Cases, it’s not 100% crafted using plastic materials. We use aluminum to create carry case and shipping case valances, and we chose this material because of its durability and lightweight. All of our materials were selected carefully to provide you with the most protection at the most affordable price.


  1. Carry Cases Are Used For Many Purposes

At Bel-Air Cases, we have several levels of cases. Our carry cases typically are used as OEM cases and also used for sales kits and even to hold diagnostic equipment. The carry cases are meant to be lightweight, protective and easy to tote. If you have heavier and more expensive items that often will be shipped, we highly recommend that you consider our shipping cases.


We also have custom expo cases, which are perfect for toting to trade shows and conventions, which we assume will occur again once we’ve made it through this pandemic. This can be a great time to order cases, so that you and your sales team or expo team are ready to go as soon as conventions and in-person sales really get going again.


  1. Our Cases Can Be Military-Strong

While a Bel-Air carry case isn’t meant to be transported at freight, we do build cases that meet ATA standards as well as military specifications. If you need a case that can handle a trip to the moon or a trek across the jungle, we can provide you with that case. Our light-duty and medium-duty carry cases are meant to hold and protect items that will mainly be transported in your car. The cases are ideal to tote equipment and items that won’t be shipped as freight or tossed into the luggage hold of an airplane. Our heavy-duty shipping cases, on the other hand, as well as our heavy-duty carry cases can handle the rigors of transport easily again and again.


  1. We Have Many Color Options

While our standard colors are black and grey, those aren’t your only options. We have several additional stock colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, olive and blue. With a specific minimum order, we can even provide you with color matching. This can be a great option if you want an OEM carry case. Each of your cases can be completely customized to fit your company’s style. We can even add custom decals, molded-in-logos and engraved plates to your case.


  1. Custom Foam Interiors Are Crucial

One issue we have with the case industry in general is the lack of attention placed on the interior of a carry case or shipping case. While the exterior components need to be tough and durable, the interior can be just as important. Many case manufacturers simply build your carry case and then hand it over with a chunk of diced foam, also known as pick and pluck foam.


This type of foam is cheap in quality, and the customer has to cut away at the foam in order to make cavities products or equipment. It doesn’t look particularly nice, but, more importantly, it doesn’t provide a high level of protection. At Bel-Air Cases, we never hand over a carry case without a custom foam interior. This can be as simple as a foam liner or it can be a highly customized foam interior with multiple cavities, interior doors, panels, shock mounts and other components.


We build the case and the foam interior around your products or equipment, so that every inch of what’s inside is well-protected. Our high-quality foam helps to absorb impact, which is crucial if you are shipping a case. Even if you opt for a light-duty carry case that won’t be shipped, our foam inserts provide an attractive way for you to display sales kits or whatever you place inside the case and protect it from any minor bumps that might occur.


  1. We Will Match You To The Ideal Case

Whether you need an equipment case, a carry case or a shipping case, we will find the best option to fit your needs. Our vacuum-formed cases have many advantages over other types of cases, but our cases aren’t always a perfect match. If we think you’d be better off with a different case, we will tell you and we can help you find another source for your case. High-pressure sales tactics have never been our thing, and we prefer matching customers with exactly what they need case-wise.


If you need a custom carry case, shipping case or expo case, the team at Bel-Air Cases is still here to provide you with durable, high-quality cases. Give us a call or fill out our custom quote form here and a member of our sales team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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