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While the transportation industry does a fine job moving cases from Point A to Point B, it’s not exactly known for being gentle with these cases. You’ve invested thousands of dollars in your equipment. Don’t you deserve equipment cases with wheels that can handle just about anything? We think so.

Whether you are tracking a Category 4 hurricane aboard a WP3D Orion or bumping along the train tracks from Yangon to Bagan in Myanmar or even blasting off to Mars in Elon Musk’s Starship, we want you to have a case that will protect your equipment in just about any imaginable circumstance.

There are plenty of companies out there selling off-the-shelf cases, and these are often fine for less expensive items or items that aren’t particularly delicate. But if you need to transport equipment frequently, it’s typically best to opt for custom equipment cases and skip the off-the-shelf options.

At Bel-Air Cases, we design equipment cases around your equipment. We’ve designed cases for just about every industry and type of equipment. Whether you are transporting diagnostic equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment, electronics or something else, our first step is to study the equipment carefully and then design a case that meets your needs.


Which Case Do You Need?

We offer several different levels of equipment cases with wheels, and the type that you need depends upon how you will be transporting your cases.

Light & Medium Duty Carrying Cases – Our light-duty and medium-duty carrying cases are ideal for items that won’t be transported frequently as luggage or freight. With our light-duty cases, we typically recommend these for customers that will be toting their cases along in a car.

Our medium-duty cases can be transported occasionally as luggage, as they are a bit more durable, but if you need to transport items in a case frequently, it’s always best to opt for one of our heavy-duty cases. Light and medium-duty cases are ideal for lightweight items, sales kits, demo kits and OEM cases.

Heavy-Duty Carrying Cases – If you need something that can handle frequent shipment, either as luggage or cargo, a heavy-duty carrying case is probably your best bet. These cases can handle a bumpy airline ride, an off-road adventure or a quick trip up to the International Space Station. And, once you make it to your destination, the wheels and handles make it easier to move your case around a busy airport or perhaps the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Our heavy-duty carrying cases are built using the same materials and components that we use for our heavy-duty shipping cases. However, we form the cases on our tooling for carrying cases, which results in a highly durable case that is a little easier to maneuver in tight quarters.

Shipping Cases – If you have heavy or delicate items and need highly durable equipment cases with wheels that can withstand frequent transport, our shipping cases are built to meet ATA guidelines and many MIL specifications. We also can configure cases to meet most airline, military, government or aerospace specifications.


Custom Foam Interiors

In many cases, the custom foam interior that we design is just as important as the exterior of the case. Our cases are built to absorb impact, but the custom foam further protects your equipment from impact.  We never simply complete your equipment cases and pass them on to you with a chunk of foam.

This type of diced foam, also known as “pick and pluck” foam is a common issue in our industry, but while many case manufacturers use this type of cheap foam, it really does nothing to protect your equipment and tends to break down quickly. Even worse, the customer has to cut away or pluck away bits of foam to create custom cavities for their equipment.

At Bel-Air, our foam interiors are created from the highest quality materials and crafted to cushion every inch of your equipment. We can design a case with a basic foam liner, but we also are experts at foam fabrication and can create interiors with plastic dividers, interior doors, panel mounts, shock mounts and more.


The Wheels

We can’t really feel as though an article about equipment cases with wheels is complete unless we actually talk about the wheels. Our selection of hardware includes a large variety of wheel choices. For most cases, we can add wheels and a telescoping handle, which makes it as easy as possible to move your case from place to place. If you don’t see precisely what you want, we probably can get it for you. With Bel-Air Cases, it’s all about choice.

We’ve been crafting custom equipment cases with wheels for more than 50 years, and we have the experience necessary to craft any type of equipment case you might need. Whether you need just one Bel-Air Case or 400 or something in between, we can provide you with a durable, protective case that keeps your equipment safe.

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