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If you need cases that can handle hundreds of trips in the cargo hold of planes, trains, container ships and other forms of transportation, ATA shipping cases are your best bet. At Bel-Air Cases, we design custom shipping cases and carrying cases that meet ATA standards, protecting your expensive gear no matter what the transportation industry throws at it.

Facts About The ATA

The Air Transport Association (ATA) was formed in 1936. Its creation was a response to the growing need for an organization that could represent the interests of the emerging airline industry in the United States, particularly in matters of government regulation and policy. Now known as Airlines for America (A4A), this organization has played a significant role in the airline industry. Here’s a brief look at the history of the ATA.

Role in World War II: During World War II, ATA played a crucial role in coordinating the civil air industry’s contributions to the war effort. This included logistics, transporting troops and materials, and supporting the military’s use of civil aviation resources.

Post-War Expansion & Regulation: After the war, the airline industry experienced rapid growth and expansion. ATA was instrumental in navigating the regulatory landscape, advocating for policies that would benefit the industry while ensuring safety and standardization.

Deregulation & Industry Changes: A significant shift occurred in 1978 with the Airline Deregulation Act, which led to increased competition and changes in how airlines operated. ATA was actively involved in these transitions, helping its members adapt to the new competitive environment.

Safety & Security Initiatives: Throughout its history, ATA has been a strong advocate for safety and security in the airline industry. This includes developing and promoting industry standards, training, and protocols to enhance the safety of air travel.

Environmental Efforts: In more recent years, ATA has focused on environmental issues, advocating for sustainable practices and technologies in the airline industry. This includes efforts to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

Rebranding to Airlines for America (A4A): In 2011, ATA rebranded itself as Airlines for America (A4A). The rebranding reflected a renewed focus on advocating for the American airline industry in a global context, addressing issues like taxation, regulation, and infrastructure.

Current Role: Today, A4A continues to represent the interests of major U.S. airlines. It plays a key role in policy advocacy, industry standards, and public representation of the airline industry.


ATA Shipping Cases – What Is ATA Spec 300?

You may have heard or seen case manufacturers discuss ATA Spec 300 on their websites. The ATA (Air Transport Association) specification 300 is a widely recognized standard in the airline industry for shipping cases, containers, and luggage. Here’s some detailed information about ATA Specification 300 and its relevance to shipping cases and luggage:

  1. Purpose: ATA Spec 300 provides guidelines for the design, materials, and performance of containers and packaging used for airline transport. The aim is to ensure that these containers can withstand the rigors of air travel, including handling, loading, and unloading processes. Our heavy-duty shipping cases are built to handle any challenge the airline industry can throw at them.
  1. Durability Standards: The specification sets high durability standards for cases and containers. They must be able to withstand repeated use, typically for a minimum of 100 round trips. This includes being able to endure harsh treatment such as impacts, drops, and exposure to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.
  1. Material and Construction: ATA Spec 300 specifies the types of materials and construction methods that should be used for air transport containers and ATA cases. This often includes the use of high-strength, lightweight materials like reinforced plastics, aluminum, and high-grade plywood.
  1. Performance Testing: Shipping cases and containers that claim to meet ATA Spec 300 must pass rigorous performance testing. These tests simulate the conditions the cases will face during transit, including drop tests, impact tests, and tests for water and dust resistance.
  1. Security Features: The specification also includes guidelines for security features, such as locks and seals, to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of the contents during transport. We have a variety of locks and latches, including TSA-approved locks that we can add to your custom equipment cases.
  1. Customization for Sensitive Equipment: Many ATA-compliant cases are designed to transport sensitive equipment, such as musical instruments, electronic devices, and medical equipment. They often feature custom foam inserts or other protective measures tailored to the specific items being transported.
  1. Industry Usage: While the ATA 300 specification is particularly relevant to the airline industry, it is also a benchmark for other industries that require high standards of protection and durability in shipping cases, transport cases, custom road cases, and trade show shipping cases.


Our ATA Shipping Cases

The design and production teams at Bel-Air Cases have been crafting durable custom shipping cases for more than 50 years, and we set the industry standard for vacuum-formed custom cases.

We can build your cases to meet ATA standards as well as many MIL specs. In fact, our clients often include the military and the aerospace industry. This means we can design cases that can handle jaunts through the desert on a military vehicle or perhaps even a trip outside the solar system, not to mention the cargo hold of a 747.

Each of our cases is custom-built with your equipment in mind, and each case includes a custom foam interior. Unlike some case manufacturers, we’d never build a case and then hand it off to a client with a chunk of cheap diced foam inside. Instead, we build custom foam that cushions and protects every inch of your equipment.

Equipment cases with foam are essential to truly protect your gear. We are experts at crafting foam interiors, so whether you need a simple foam liner or you need custom die-cuts, shock mounts, panel mounts, interior doors, plastic dividers and more. Our high-quality case foam not only protects your equipment but can display it to its best advantage.

We also can customize the color and look of your plastic shipping cases, custom carrying cases or trade show cases. We can add custom decals, engraved plates and molded-in logos to any case. We offer two standard colors – silver and black, as well as many stock colors, including white, red, blue, green, olive, yellow and orange. With a specific minimum order, we also may be able to provide you with a custom color or color-matching services.

Order ATA Shipping Cases Now

At Bel-Air, we’ve been designing custom cases since 1967, and we can create custom ATA shipping cases that meet all of your specifications. To receive a free cost quote for your made-to-order case project, just click on the Request A Quote tab on our homepage and fill out our contact form. A member of our sales team will be in touch shortly to discuss your project.

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