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While travel might provide food for the soul, there’s no getting around the fact that transporting expensive equipment can be fraught with peril. Whether you are transporting gear via train, plane or ship, you need cargo cases that can handle the extremes of travel and Bel Air Cases can design shipping cases that meet all of your case needs.

5 Reasons Why You Need Custom Cargo Cases

While you can find many companies that produce off-the-shelf cargo cases, this is not the best option for many types of equipment. Custom cargo cases offer several advantages over off-the-shelf cases, especially for clients with specific needs or high-value items. Here are five reasons why a custom cargo case can be the perfect solution to your case needs.

1. Tailored Protection

Custom plastic cases with foam inserts built to the customer’s exact specifications ensure that the contents fit snugly, minimizing movement and potential damage during transit. This precision fit offers superior protection compared to generic, off-the-shelf cases where items might shift or be subjected to impacts.

2. Optimized Space Utilization

Custom plastic cases can be designed to maximize the use of space, accommodating the unique shapes and sizes of the items being shipped. This can lead to more efficient packing, reduced shipping costs, and the ability to fit more items securely in a given space.

Our custom instrument cases and cargo cases include custom foam inserts. Unlike many case manufacturers, we never hand off a case with cheap pick-and-pluck foam. Instead, we can create a hard plastic case with foam inside that gently cushions and protects every piece of your equipment perfectly, adding an extra layer of protection to an already highly durable case.

3. Branding and Professionalism

Custom cases can be designed with the client’s branding, colors, and logos. This not only enhances the professional image of the company but also makes the cases easily identifiable, reducing the chances of mix-ups or losses during shipping.

At Bel-Air Cases, we offer a plethora of custom features. We can design heavy duty cases with molded-in logos, custom decals or engraved plates. In addition to our standard colors of black and silver, we have additional stock colors, including red, green, olive, blue, orange, yellow and white. We also can customize the wheels, handles, locks and latches.

4. Durability and Longevity

Custom cargo case manufacturers often use high-quality materials tailored to the specific needs of the client. Whether the client requires waterproofing, UV resistance, or other special features, custom cases can be built to last, offering better long-term value than many off-the-shelf alternatives.

5. Special Features and Add-Ons

Custom cases can be equipped with special features that off-the-shelf cases might not offer. This can include things like humidity control, shock indicators, reinforced corners, multiple locking mechanisms, or even built-in tracking devices. Such features can be crucial for shipping sensitive or high-value items.

Bel-Air Cargo Cases: Built To ATA Standards

If you need an ATA case or perhaps a case that meets MIL specs, we can design whatever you might need. Through the years, we’ve built custom shipping cases and cargo cases for many military and aerospace clients, and they require cases that can handle all types of extremes. Whether you need a case for your next trip to Mars or a case that can handle a bumpy road in the deepest rainforest or on the coldest tundra, we’ve got you covered.

Bel-Air Cases: 50+ Years Of Quality & Innovation

Back in the late 60s when we were just getting started, hard plastic shipping cases weren’t something commonly used by travelers. In fact, we were the first company to produce professional-quality, vacuum-formed shipping cases, trade show cases and carrying cases.

In those days, if you needed a durable cargo case, your options tended to be heavy and bulky, such as fabricated wood road cases or bulky metal cases. Using thermoform plastics, specifically high-density polyethylene (HDPE), we were able to create an even more durable case that was also extremely lightweight. This not only makes it easier to maneuver a case around a crowded airport or train station, but it also reduces shipping and transport costs.

HDPE also has many other advantages over other case materials. In addition to its light weight, HDPE is water-resistant and moisture-resistant, and resistant to many solvents. This plastic is also one of the most durable types of plastics and even absorbs vibrations, which can damage delicate equipment. HDPE also can handle temperature extremes with ease.

While some companies might include a limited lifetime guarantee or warranty on their cases, we’ve never needed to do that. We simply stand by our cases throughout their lifetime. If a case component breaks, we will fix it. We usually can repair most case defects free of charge.

We know that the transportation industry is tough on cargo, so while we cannot guarantee that your custom cases will never be damaged, we can assure you that we will always repair the damages for as long as you own the case. So, whether you have a shipping case from 1968, 1988 or 2022, we will be happy to fix any issues.

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Whether you need just one custom equipment case or a fleet of cargo cases, the team at Bel-Air Cases can provide you with exactly what you need. To get started with a custom shipping case order, simply click on the Request A Quote tab on our homepage, fill out our quick contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to provide you with a free quote for our services.

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